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An observation about humanity
It came to me like an epiphany when i was watching a couple of movies a few days back. They were "Two brothers" a movie about two captive cubs one raised in a circus the other in a royal family faced to fight each other to death by none other than people,human like us. These full grown tigers instead of killing each other relapse into a state of playful reminiscence. The other movie was "District 9" about a group of aliens who came in peace to earth only to be subjected to trauma , degradation and experiments.Even (embrace yourself) eaten so that the humans can absorb their powers.

I am not saying the details leave no room for doubt.Maybe its fictional, a figment of imagination on the part of the director's mind. But it raised the most basic question in my mind? How humane is humanity? How do we justify ourselves to be on the topmost of the animal kingdom? Top of the food chain? King of all earthly species?

We are not fast as the horse. As strong as the elephant.We lack the predatory instincts of a man-eater or the affections of a trusting dolphin. Is it the most powerful weapon of wits or the most calculating efficiency of surviving the most disastrous catastrophes?

Perhaps, its our humanity.That instinctive benevolent spirit within. The ability to self-abnegate that places us on a higher plane of existence. But how far are we going to let our greed and distrust ruin the best gift of nature to us? A mother almost never tries to hurt the foetus growing in her womb. Even though its feeding from her own blood. Why? Because of the innate sense of preserving what is ours.Why cannot we extend the same empathy towards other life forms. I am not talking about tying ourself to trees with chain or becoming vegetarian. I am asking to strike a balance between letting our bloodlust overide our better judgement. Lets take our share from nature and give it back in equal proportions.Why not strike a balance between meat and veggies in equal proportions?Lets refrain from the delights of that exotic meat at regular intervals? Maybe now is the time when we can encourage genetic engineering of fishes and other poultry products for effective balance between consumption and preservation.

And hello! can we please let go of bloody hunting activities and cockfights? I mean surely we have enough fights in video games. And still if adrenaline is what sets you to batter up people and other creatures...why not use your own head for a punching bag for a change ? But again thats what do i know?

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