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My self evaluation about my writing process for my Creative Writing Class
         When it came to me and my writing, I have several influences. These influences were things such as a set of stories that I wrote, which “The Hunt” is based off of, the things I do and watch, “Writing” and “Writer with a Golden Pen” being due to the fact that I enjoy writing and “Killing Time at the Mall” being due to the fact that I’ve been watching play-throughs of a game called “Dead Rising”, and of course, the people I know, as “Paul, One Eye, No Legs” and “Ode to Larry Cabby” are based off of two people I know. These influences help me direct my writing in many ways.

         I had to use many things in order to write my items. Items that were about a person, real or otherwise, required me to do a bit of thinking: Would the person do things in this manner? Does this dialogue sound like them? These sorts of things had to be considered when writing about them. Also, I had to figure out what would be there, trees, grass, personal items, things that would be used, and so on. I also had to get inspired a bit about what I was writing, to give it some sort of meaning, to make people think, or in some cases, to want more.

         When it comes to revising my pieces, I’ll be honest, except for “Writer with a Golden Pen” I really haven’t done any. The only things I did was to center my poems, and indent the paragraphs on “The Hunt”. However, I do know what things would need work on, such as showing the scenery, using showing tactics, and show the story instead of telling it. Of course, having reviewers does help out a bit, as I posted my items on a writing website that I’m part of, and there are people who look at them and give me tips.

         Over all, there are many things that helped me to write, memories of people I know, the story of a character I created, and thoughts about a game I’d like to get. However, I think the most important thing was my teacher. Without her, I don’t know if I would have written my items. She is the one who deserves most of the credit in my opinion.
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