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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Arts · #1732372
Oh how the mind wonders and wanders until it's tied in complet knots.
Character description:

Artsy girl (AG): an aspiring artist with the mind of a confused lab rat wondering what to do next and were she should take herself in life.

Nerdy boy(NB): a some what cute yet highly narrow minded boy in AG's art class who thinks he can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to and yet puts himself down. Very intraverted.

Old friend of AG(OFG): Older than AG, tries to help her straighten her thoughts out but just ends up tangled up in them.

Bully(B): Mean with no understandable sense of humour. Fast and violent.
Set Design: Simple, maybe a stool or two and an easil or desk. No back drop just simple curtains.

AG (enter from stage right): So it looks to be an uneventful day. I supose day dreaming will take up most of this blank time that needs filling.

NB(offstage): Ah! Lay off would ya!

AG: Not again.

B(off stage): Get back here you little wimp!

NB (Running on stage looking scared): Agh! No please no.

B (Running on stage looking as though he's going to hurt someone): Oh your gunna get it now. (raising fist)

NB (collapsing to ground and covering his head) : No, please I-I didn't mean to it was an accident.

B (Getting ready to throw the punch) : Accident my...

AG (Stepping forward and in between the two of them): Excuse me but do you have a problem here?

B (Softening his look and lowering hand) : Ah, no i was ah just helping him with his gym credit that's all. You know track isn't his best sport n' all. (Going to help NB up but letting go before he was fully balanced)

AG: Right, why don't you save the lies for the coach when he finds out your grades are slipping.

B (grumbling as he walks off stage)

AG (Turning to NB who is still on the floor, lending him a hand): Are you okay? What happened?

NB (Straightening himself out): Ah nothing it was just a misunderstanding that's all. Ah what are you up to exactly?

AG: Not to much just thinking that's all.

NB (stepping toward her): Well ah what were you thinking about exactly? (Crossing fingers behind his back and winking at audience)

AG (Turning toward easil): Not much really, i just wondered what it would be like to be a flying squirrel and if it would be possible for people to someday be able to morph into any animal they'd like.

NB (Disapointed) : Oh well, technically that's physically impossible.

AG (Turning sharply toward him with arms crossed) : No body asked for your narrow minded opinion. And why do you have your fingers crossed? (Grabbing his hand from behind his back and examining his fingers that slowly uncrossed themselves)

NB: No reason... ah would you please let me go? I think i've got to go do the mile run or something... yeah that's right the mile run. Don't want to be late. (AG let's go of his arm and he runs off stage)

AG (Sitting down and shaking her head): Kids these days, not know whether to make their mind up or not. Then again who am i to talk...... Hmmm i wonder why man kind seems to like pain so much, I mean when you think about it so many people are experiencing pain at this very moment. Whether physical or mental... Why do we like to hurt so much?

OFG (Enter stage left): It's simple really.

AG (Turning toward voice): What do you mean by that?

OFG: I mean we like pain because in a way it makes it seem as though we still have something. Take love for example.

AG: But love just complicates things. I'd perfer not to. Say have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on walls?

OFG: What? Your so confusing sometimes Hun... yet somehow it keeps things interesting. What makes you wonder that?

AG (Standing up and pacing): Well you see astronauts sleep in the walls so why can't we walk on them? I mean it would make things so much easier. You'd be able to by pass crowdes simply by walking on the wall to your destination.

OFG (Taking her seat): But what happens when you run out of wall? Wouldn't you just fall off.

AG (Stopping stage right) : Good point. Hmmm... What is...

OFG (Standing abruptly and looking at watch) : Uh i've got to go i'm sorry.

AG: Ah okay see you later then?

OFG (Walking off stage) : yeah sure.

AG: Oh, he called me Hun again (Smiling widely) i do like it when he does that. Oh there i go again dream about what could be. (exit)

OFG (Enter stage right): Again i end up trying to untangle that girls mind. But again i end up tangled up in them. I seriously wonder how that girl's mind works. Then again... i'm the psyhcologist in the situation and i don't even know how my own mind works.(Enter B and NB. B "beating" Upon cowering NB. Silently) Curious. The mentality of the average bully. Interesting isn't it? The seemingly higher archy beating down upon the smaller one. Isn't that always what happens? Mind you it's not right of course... Maybe i should stop that. (Stand and go over to the two boys) BREAK IT UP! What give you the right? (Pulling bully off of NB and looking him in the face)

B: He knocked my into a crowd of people.

OFG: Ever thing it was an accident? Leave him be and if i ever see you beating on some one smaller than you i'll tell the principle.

B (Eyes widening in horror and backing away quickly): Right sorry, I'll be on my way. (Exit)

NB (Standing up and straightening himself out again): Thanks.

OFG: No problem. If anyone does that to you again you should tell someone.

NB: ah... right and get my permant teeth knocked out... i'm good.

OFG (Turning to audience) : Exhibit A. Small, rather nerdy boy who doesn't want to tell on the guy who's beating on him. Why are we so afraid of the predator? Usually they are lost sheep looking for a way back home.

AG (Enter Stage Left) : Oh, love why are you always on my mind.

OFG (Walk over to AG): Exhibit B the typical teenage girl. If it's not boys it's art or the latest trend. (Pacing) You see our minds work in many different ways and in fact none of us know really what goes on in them. The mentally insane are interesting in the way that their mind operates... while normal every day people are also interesting..... take this into consideration when you are wondering about something or letting your mind wander about.
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