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Come, come, all panda's!
You go nom, nom, nom as you sit and eat,

has no one noticed what there is to see,

Oh! Mr. Panda-puu won't you share,

I promise I won't bite,

but I don't promise I won't squeal,

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Mr. Panda-puu won't you look at me,

show me those charcoal spotted eyes,

that only you dare to possess.

What's this? You stare at my chocolate covered donut so,

could it be, is this true, I think it is,

no, no, I know it is!

You don't have to ask, you don't have to plea,

all I want, is for you to eat!

Here, here I'll share,

have it all, take it all,

Oh! Mr. Panda-puu,

but let me kiss that teeming nose.

Let's sit and eat whilst we watch,

all there is still left to chew,

silly Mr. Panda-puu, don't you see?

That when this is all over,

you'll be mine to keep!

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