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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1735534
A Star gets its Wish - Flash Fiction Entry
The newly formed star, looked at the light blue earth in the depth of twinkling darkness, and wondered. She wondered why it was that colour. It looked so different from the rest. It looked special, she wished she could go there.

She did not know she was a wishing star, and suddenly she felt an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her centre, as she launched swiftly toward the planet of her dreams. She was overtaken with excitement. Who would she meet? She had been so alone, and now there was so much promise here. As she entered the atmosphere she felt the change, from a hot slow burning, turning to an icy cold. It was different. "I must be becoming one of them ." "Oh, I shall have such fun!"

She fell gently and softly now, and finally came to land on a mistletoe branch, she settled comfortably in between all the other snowflakes. "Hello." she said. "Hello." the many different voices came. "I was a star you know, but I am so glad, now to be snow." "We are new too." They said, "just landed here today". "It is so pretty, I can see far and near, there are so many of us here", said the star. A bird stopped by and sang a sweet sweet song, not for long, and was off again . Oh the star did love it, being a snowflake. She would never be alone again.

The spring time came, and she felt the soft warm sun on her cheeks. The mistletoe tree shed a tiny translucent tear.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1735534-So-Little-Time