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my life in a nutshell
Well here I am again writing about my boring life. well it used to be boring but now it has become very interesting. One reason it has become very interesting is because i finally broke the cycle of being shy around people and got myself some friends to hang out with. I have also gone back to school these past few months. so far I have past my first semester of college. I have to be honest here at first I thought that i was going to fail my first semester and that i was going to be kicked out of the college. but with lots of grace from god i passed my classes and got 3 A's and a c. this year i have decided that i am going to look towards god a little more instead of doubting that anything is possible because with god all things are possible. so if any wants to hear more about me. all you have to do is let me know. bye for now have to get back to work.
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