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Rated: E · Prose · Romance/Love · #1742270
Some feelings I had three years ago meshed with who I am today--sentimental. Enjoy :D
You're sitting by your significant other. You haven't really said much to each other, but you desire to. You glance at them, but they don't look your way; you face forward. Your heart stings. You shoot a look at their hands, wishing they were clasped with yours. Your heart aches to hold their hand, but for some reason, you just want them to make the first move, because they know how great it makes you feel; to know they've read your mind, you're on the same path, parallel to one another...Like a railroad track, and you're in it through the thick and thin.  Through the rust and the weight, carrying all the burdens of your world.  Through the whistling cold, and the fierce heat, and on the lovely spring days abroad, they are still by your side even when they'd rather be somewhere else. You're not in a fight, you're just....


Like the snow, with soft prickles of icy pain settling onto your face.
These continuous tingles surfacing the endless fights from your near past,
and behold, the memories, they are compressed, deeply, like footprints through the snow;
and they fade away to a swift dash, like they never happened, underneath countless experiences as time progresses within this dreary *blizzard*...

And happiness fades to black, like the stars nestled behind the effulgence of the city lights.

-You feel like you're testing a button that's lost it's spring...yet you keep pushing, hoping, longing for some kind of effect...
((((was there even a cause?))))

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