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by hayley
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Crime/Gangster · #1743113
A boyfriend kills his girlfriend and the girlfriend comes back to haunt him forever.
          I looked into his eyes and saw pure hatred and loathing for me. His blond hair bounced off the lights and played with my eyes. His black eyes contrasted with his blond hair and made me shrink back. My name is Vee. I am seventeen years old and I am about to be killed by my boyfriend.

                                                                              * * * * * * * * *

                                                                  Eight months earlier

         I woke up not knowing where I was. Was I at home? Was I at my best friend Lauras house? I had no idea but as soon as I sat up a wave of dizziness came over me and I fell back until it passed. And when it did pass I found out where I was. I was in a run down motel room smelling of pot and whiskey. I got up and walked to the mirror mounted behind the dresser. My curly red hair in snarls all over my head. My green cat like eyes blood shot and bleary.I looked down to see I wore nothing but a badly ripped black cocktail dress.

         I didn't remember anything of the night except when I left home telling my mom I would be home some time then coming to this sleazy motel room -totally tweaked out of my mind- with some mistery guy. I looked around the room to find evidence of the mystery man. I found his pants and shirt on the floor and narcotics spilling out of the pockets. I carefully put the pants on the floor and when to find my purse. After about two minutes of searching I finally found it and looked inside. And sure enough I found more than one type of drug sitting in the bottom. Sighing I put the purse down and sat on the bed with my head in my hands wondering when my life went wrong.

         And while I was busy trying to remember what went wrong in my life the bathroom door opened and a young man stepped out. My head whipped up and I tried to get a good look at the guy I spent the night with. He had blond hair that bounced off the light in the room and played with my eyes. But his eyes however contrasted with his blond hair and made his eyes seem like bottomless pits. His eyes were black.

                                                                      Present Day

         It was Monday moring and I was sitting at the breakfast tabel trying to scarf down enough otmeal to make my mother think that I wasnt concerned about my wieght. Although I was only 110 pounds I wanted to look perfect for my boyfriend Zabier. But alot of the drugs I took helped keep off the wieght.

"Have you eatten enough Vee? You are looking kind of skinny." My mother looked down at me through her expensive pair of sunglasses.

"Yes mother," I said with attitude. "I am perfectley fine. And since when do you care?" My mother looked shocked then hurt. Really i didnt care if I hurt her. She hurt me enough in the past. Yeah paybacks a bitch.

"Young lady dont you dare speak to me that way!" She said with feeling. Her curly red hair bouncing like snakes.

"Okay. I just wont talk to you at all." I got up and put my bowl in the sink. I turned back and saw my mother had fled the kitchen. And for the first time in months I looked around the kitchen. The kitchen- the house in general- was poorly lit and dark and dreary. And at night if I came out of my room at just the right time I could see the cockroaches. My mother was to busy working at her bad paying job to fix up the house. Then with the money she made at her job she would go and buy expensive clothes with it. Like I cared.

          I went up to my room after that. My rooms walls used to be white but they are now stained yellow with all the crap that I smoke in here. My bed is in the middle of the room along with the stash of money under the bed that Ive been hiding for years. I walked to my closet and picked out an outfit for the day. After that I did my hair and make-up and was on my way out the window.

          2 blocks away Zabier waited. His blond hair styled in a way that made him look like a male model. His black eyes sparkeling with excitment and hunger when he say me. I climed into his crappy car and the first thing we did was kiss. Finally I pulled away.

"Soon Im going to move out of this place and go to New York." I told him fermley.

"If you dont die." He ruffled my long curly hair and laughed. And the way he laughed kind of worried me.

© Copyright 2011 hayley (hayann7 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1743113