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A poem about the loss of a dream
Once upon a time in a not so distant land,
there was a woman who had fallen in love
with a knight of a man.
Her love, as true and rare as diamonds,
her dreams, sparkling like gold *Gold*;
fueled her hunger for happiness untold.
Nothing could shake her incredulous faith
that love conquered all.
Until one day her infallible knight
told her a tale of infidelity,
of two ships passing in the night.
And just like a piece of coal that cooled
after coming alive in a blaze of fire;
her dreams had been reduced to ashes
of unfulfilled desires.
Her heart like a rock
thrown into still waters that ran deep,
sank so low she couldn’t breathe.
Her knight had turned out to be a cad.
He was all she had wanted,
his love all she had.
She couldn’t believe that
she didn’t safeguard her heart,
that she didn't hide
or shield it from the start.
So now she was left with this indelible pain,
and memories of a knight
who could have had every thing.
Listening to all those
once upon a times and fairy tales,
she realized one thing;
there was no prince,
there was no knight.
That all the love she thought she had,
were all just dreams.
And even though she loved her knight,
from him she would recover.
But the heartbreak from a death of a dream
could last forever.

Third place winner in the Poem a Day Contest
Word count: 240
Line count 38

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