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Memories That Do Me No Good

Not once have I forgotten the time we spent together.
The memories play over and over in my head
like a miniature movie
that never ends.
I’m awake,
I can’t sleep.
Food does not taste good to me.
I wish I could go back
to the time when we were together.
I would change everything.
I would apologize for all the wrongs I’ve done,
and make you stay with me.
But I cannot,
and instead I’m left with memories that I can’t get rid of.
I wish that I could just forget.
If only I could,
these memories that do me no good.

These movie trailers of memories
play continuously as if I wasn’t there,
as if I didn’t know what was said.
I know what I have lost
I know I will never find it again.

No one can compare to you.
You are the gold standard…
the golden rule.
Your light shines brighter than any star…
and yet I can’t find you.
I have no idea where you are.
There is nothing I can kiss,
there is nothing I can hold.
You’re the apparition haunting my soul.
What am I to do
with these memories that do me no good?
They torment me.
I feel like a fool.
Driving me crazy as nothing else could,
are these memories that do me no good.
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