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Rated: E · Sample · Action/Adventure · #1745810
Three men rob a fast food store for fast cash.

Three men wearing balaclavas burst through the doors of a McDonalds drive- thru in inner city london. The first two were brandishng machine guns and advanced towards the counter.

"Your being robbed!" One of them yelled. "Hands in the air!"

The staff did so as they stepped backwards from their cash registers.

The second gunman jumped over the counter and rounded up the chef's who were at their stations frying burgers and chips. "No funny business just get in the corner!" He ordered.

The third man was waving a machete at the customers. "Everyone down! Get down on the floor now!" He barked ferociously. "Anyone move and I'll chop your arms off, every last one of you!"

There were a few people on various tables; a couple, a family with kids, a group of youths, three young ladies, and two men in in smart suits; who all lowered themselves to the ground as told to do.

The first gunman leant over the counter and stuck his weapon in a staff member's face, holding a small sack in front of him. "Fill it up fast! All the cash from all the tills!"

The staff member nervously took the sack, opened each register consecutively, and placed the notes & coins in to it.

The robber snatched the sack back with his free hand, turned and ran. "Come on boys!"

The second robber leapt over the counter and followed.

The third man with the machete held open the door and they ran out one after the other in to the car park; alighted a black van and sped off sharpishly. 
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1745810-Creative-Writing--fast-food-fast-cash