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A football playing ace finds himself in the spotlight, but not for a good reason.

Carlo Diaz was now a household name in Britain since being signed to a top premiership football team and scoring a goal in every twelve games he'd played so far.

He'd spent the night before, out on the town with a few of the lads from the squad celebrating their latest win, even though their manager had forbidden they go out and drink alcohol.

But as it was a quiet saturday afternoon and with no training for two days, Carlo had no regrets.

He was suddenly receiving very high wages compared to when he was back home in Argentina, however it hadn't changed his humble mentality, so instead of hiring personal assistants like most other stars he took care of himself just as before the big bucks began rolling in.

He strolled around his local supermarket wearing a baseball cap; rim lowered; as his new found fame could sometimes cause a commotion when he was spotted out. After picking up a few items for dinner, he approached the newspaper stand.

A familiar name appered to him on most of the paper's headlines, and a picture underneath them. It was of a man in downing a bottle of whisky in the centre of a line of half naked showgirls, dressed in frilly knickers and feathered head pieces.

The headlines read: Football ace caught red- handed, Some like it hot, and Diaz goes all out.

Carlo's eyes widened in shock.

"Bloody papparazzi!" He said to himself.

Before anyone noticed him hanging around, he left his shopping basket next to the newspaper stand and quickly departed from the store.

It was he who was all over the front pages.

"What a way to spoil my day." He huffed.
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