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A joke about father and son sex education
Little Johnny Joe was walking in the park with his father when he saw two dogs one on the back of the other, and moving up and down at an extremely fast pace. He asks his father what are the dogs doing, and his father thought for a minute, then answered, they are making a puppy.

That night Little Johnny Joe was going down the hallway and was passing his parents’ bedroom and he heard strange noises coming from there, so he opened the door and saw his dad on top of his mother, and they were moving up and down at an extremely fast pace just like the dogs were, except his mother was facing upwards.

So he asked his father what was he doing. Again his father thought for a moment then answered, we are making a baby brother for you.

Then Little Johnny Joe thought for a moment, then replied, can you flip her over, I rather have a puppy!

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