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by Harry
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A thought-provoking look at alarmists.
The elders were heard to lament
the worsening world conditions
in the present day. They did vent
fears of losing old traditions.

“The younger generation cares
only about their needs, not for
solving the state’s gravest affairs.
They’re lazy, need to prepare more.

“Our national security
is threatened; our enemies grow
stronger each day. It’s a surety
fierce winds of change do now blow.

“Our religion is now confronted
with challenge by another that’s
spreading; domination is hunted
over religions it combats.

“Why, even the weather concerns;
recent summers have been hotter
than in our youth. Now the sun burns
crops dry. On the brink we totter!”

So spoke the elders in ancient Rome.
Like cultures before, cultures since,
they worried for nation and home.
Of coming doom, some seek to convince.

Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!
Just take care to do good, not harm.

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