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Did YOU Know? - Jews Comprise 1/4 of 1% of the World's Population
Thy Nation Born to Bear…

They say we should have vanished
several thousand years ago.
We say that our survival
is a blessing He bestows.
The very fact that we exist
is testament to God;
our memoirs written stretch through time
with faith upon His rod…

Our history’s been riddled
with despair and wanton foes;
our enemies have cast us out
no matter where we go.
“The Jew” synonymous with words
like wicked, greedy, weak -
Regarded as a lowly class,
both treacherous and meek.

And yet, we linger through the years -
no frailties of age;
with numbers very minor
set upon the worldly stage.
Our impact, though, is stunning
in the mists of all we do;
in every occupation
you will find a steadfast Jew…

The forbearers of testimonies
linking God and Man;
the ones who sought a pious life
to follow Godly plans.
The one religion copied
and consumed around the world -
So why is there such hatred
t'ward Thy people being hurled?

The sages cannot answer
why the Jews are brought to task;
for eons learn-ed men have begged
this answer be unmasked.
But hatred is a fickle foe
where logic has no reign;
it sits in wait, and lurks about -
within a vast domain.

And in the interim of life
more Jews are being killed.
Whatever reasons there may be -
our blood is being spilled…
And in this stems a tragedy
that few have eyes to see;
their fear and sheer dislike toward us
is an affront to Thee!

If only they could see the world
through truly Jewish eyes;
they’d know Thy words - ‘tikkun olam’
and know these words are wise…
For in our culture lie Thy truths
six hundred thirteen ways;
our mitzvot teach us how to care
with honor and with praise…

The stalwart Jew remains alive
by keeping culture strong;
we give to Man in every way
as epochs roll along.
We’ve claimed our place in history
with much still yet to share.
Within Thy world - we stand as Jews;
Thy nation born to bear…

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