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A poem that attempts to describe and react to the truths we don't want to talk about.
Running from the moon
It’s coming soon
I hear it, I see it, I feel it

It’s in the waves that spoil the calm
The Man is holding it in his palm
The Man is the little girl across the street

Echoing in the halls, in the shower
Screaming, crying with all my power
It’s coming fast

One shell out of a million on the shore
Holds the secret of life, but it wants more
Dissatisfaction births destruction

The power of propaganda scratches and crawls
The subconscious mind can’t resist it and falls
I've surrendered control

The door that’s spinning lets out the sounds
They leak into my ears and collect like ant mounds
They crawl and they burn

My eyes and ears want to experience it
My mind and soul want to embrace it
The addiction sets in

The caves echo my name as I plunge into the water
Leaping from the cliffs that killed your daughter
Emersed in erased laughter

It’s hidden on the doctor's anxious face
Imaginary legs begin to pace
When he says “she will be fine”

It’s in the child’s tears as they pour from the eyes
That watched his mom leave as she heard his dad’s lies
A lifetime of deceit in the making

Masking its simplicity it weaves a maze
Our future destroyed in a blast and a haze
They’re old enough to kill

Pecking at the keys ‘till our fingers bleed
Sailing through the sands of bodies freed
Arriving at last
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