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Another poem for Stormy's Contest.
A Princess in in the dungeon
because her father put her there-
for not marrying the old noble-
he had chosen.

The Princess is in chains
a wretched painful
situation she is in.
No windows. No one to hear her cries.

She wonders where her knight is-
the man she loves who pledged his love to her.
Darkness and dampness with no
hope for escape and freedom.

Footsteps of the guards is all
she hears and rats run all over the dungeon.
A rumbling noise is heard-
and the stone walls break open.

As the smoke clears,
the Princess sees her knight upon
a black horse! He is here to rescue her!
He breaks the chains and she is free!

The handsome knight and the Princess leave the castle
and fled to Unicorn Island where they can live and
her father and his guards can never enter.
The Princess is with her knight at last.

The Princess and her knight lived happily ever after-
on Unicorn Island with the unicorns and fairies.
A life of Paradise and love.
The knight rescued his Princess and love conquers all!

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