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Detoxification, finding another true way of facing self. Letting Go and appreciating.
Sometimes not knowing which way to go, faced with intoxicating effect of my soul. Some of us have the addictive behavior of a drug user unable to detract from it.

Take a detour and we have nothing in life, only to destitute ourselves and destroy the inner beauty from within. We know the personal supreme spirit of evil and that evil works in us each day of our lives. It plays games to our heads and we allow it. We become reckless trying to free ourselves.

We call out to God because it hurts so much! Please God! Please God! Please Help Me! Have I gone to far? I learn through my walk of detoxification, the facts of life while I was a student of "Chung Su Nim "Iron Kim" that for the pain and all the efforts of a neglected mind and body recognizes no amount of wealth, position or age, and that we have to earn for ourselves our health and physical health. Because everyone is once young and once old, during the time we are young, it is sometimes difficult to see the importance of our health, when our age is older, at that time we appreciate that we did develop ourselves mentally and physically to the fullest.

What we need is to take time to pray and accept our own indivduality so we can walk in strength so God can pull us out of the asperity of life. Walking in strength we must be true to ourselves, we need to stop lying to ourselves! It becomes a habit in our intoxicating situation. Don't you see it! There is no need to carry the shame, hate. It's time to train ourselves to be happy.

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