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First person based story, about a Japanese college student whom life changed on 12/12/12.

It's depressing to count how many people I've killed until this day. But somehow I can manage to stand here right now. She, the one who is standing next to me, is the reason of my strength. By holding my hand, she gives her warmth to me, enables me to keep up this serial murdering. Staying close to her, I feel like I can play much longer this role, as a villain, as a man who lives on the wrong side of the law in people's view. And oh God, even though role looks really bad-, and disgusting, and any other bad words which could describe it, I am glad that You have given this role to me, the role that gives a meaning to my life.



Today, December 11th 2012, a day before what-people-predicted to be the last day of the earth, like on any other days, I wake up at five in the morning. It's really cold today. Is it winter? I wonder if I looks like an idiot for asking a question like that. I turn on the TV, change the channel to NHK, but the truth is I don't know what to watch on this early morning. For quite a while all TV channels, newspapers, and other information providers have been showing "Will the end of the world really come?" as their header. I don't really care about that. If the world ends tomorrow, then let it end, as long as everyone die together, then no one will feel lonely. No one will need to cry for the others and no one will feel sorry for them. It is just too sad to see something like that happening.

The clock is pointing at 7 o'clock, it's time to prepare breakfast. If I had a girlfriend or were living with my parents, then I think I wouldn't need to do this routine. But lets go back to reality, "you're living alone mate!" is what should be said to me right now. Fried egg and toast with jam, the easiest and fastest breakfast ever made, that's what I always think. As for additional taste, I add sliced green chilli. I don't know whether it's strange or not, and even if it's really strange, who cares about that. I really love spicy foods. Strange, isn't it? for a Japanese. The truth is, I am not a real Japanese, I'm just an "imposter" here. I come to Japan for studying my College degree, so it can be said that I'm a foreign student here. Even so, three years here make me feels like a real Japanese right now.

I've a class at 10 A.M today. So I decide to leave around nine, after taking a shower. It takes around 15 minutes to walk from my apartment to the campus. Like always, the road seems pretty quiet for a campus living area. Yeah, my apartment location is just not really popular within many students who live by themselves. Most of them prefer more "lively" areas for their apartment. Branches without any leaves are decorating most of the road side. It's been around 13 minutes since I've stepped out of my apartment. I can see the campus building clearly right now. Seven-floors-brown-colored building with modern style architecture, yeah that's my campus, Keio University campus. There is always a security guard in front of the gate. I wonder if he is tired or bored doing that job everyday. Standing, standing and standing from 9 A.M until 8 P.M looks boring to me.

First period class already ended. The clock is pointing at 10 A.M right now. Class will begin at 10.15 A.M. I think today I'll sit near the window like I always do.

"Morning Ta!", I hear someone's voice. I turn my head and find that it is Takeda, Takeda Kobayashi. He is one of my close friends, 21 years old, around 165 cm tall, plain face, short hair, and has a nice personality. I'm not really good at making friends, but somehow I can get along well with him.

"Morning Take", I answer. He sits in front of me.

"Good morning everyone!", another voice comes to my ear. It's Suzuki-. Wit him are Koji, Rena, Akane and Kana. Suzuki, Suzuki Maeda is also included in my close friends list. He is 22 years old, around 175 cm tall, a basketball player with little bit cool face, really short hair and a playboy, I think. Every time I see him, he is always with a girl and often a different one. Koji, Koji Nakayama, is my best friend. Just like Suzuki, he is 22 years old. He is an otaku, wears glasses, not too tall, not too good looking either, around 160 cm and short hair. As for Rena (Rena Kagawa), Akane (Akane Shinoda) and Kana (Kana Matsuyuki), they are really popular in my campus. I think I'm very lucky to be in the same class with these girls. They are all 21 years old. Rena and Akane are around 160 cm tall, and Kana is around 165 cm tall. Rena and Kana have cute face and Akane is beautiful-. All of them have straight long hair, Rena's is black, Akane's is brown dyed and Kana's is gold dyed. They are all cute but for Kana. Kana is the only one with "tsundere" type personality.

"Morning!", I and Take answers. Not too long after that, the class begins.

Today, unusual scene takes place. An unknown girl is attending this class. This is my first time seeing her, but how could I explain it? It feels like she gives me a different aura. Love at first sight? no I think. I don't know how to describe it. I end up watching her during the class.

The class has finished. In a blitz, she leaves the classroom. Her presence is disappear in an instant. I wonder where she go.

"Ta!", a voice shocks me.

"A ha! where are you looking at during this class?" Koji asks me with a grin in his face. I think he is trying to make fun of me.

"Someone here must be fall in love with 'new girl' here", Rena continues. She gives a different tone when saying 'new girl'. As I think, I was observed during the class.

"Yea yea, just say anything you want guys" I answer calmly.

"She is Reika, Reika Kayama. She was absent during this past month", Kana explains.

"Wow, nothing less from Kana! You always know everything!", I reply.

"I..it's not like I..I'm helping you!", here it comes, Kana tsundere mode on. I am smiling due to her response. Somehow, I like this part of her. It's funny to see her like that.

"Anybody have any other class today?" Suzuki asks.

"Nope!", we all answer.

"Then, hang out!?!" Suzuki continues.

"Agree!" everyone answer, except me.

"Sorry guys, I pass. I think I'll spend more time here" I reply.

"I know! Reika, isn't it?" after Koji, now Rena is trying to make fun of me again.

"Yea yea, just go already" I reply.

"Ha ha, sorry. Kidding! Then see you tomorrow!" Everyone leave.

I wonder why I decided not to accompany them. I think I'll spend some time in library before I go home.

The library is still same as like when I first entered 3 years ago. The bookshelf, the desk, the chair look really tidy. Today, many chairs in unoccupied. Maybe because it's Monday. Monday? why Monday? Ah, forget about it. It just comes out without thinking. The chair near the window is empty. I think it is waiting for me to use it. I take some books about science and history, bring them to the desk and read it while sitting in the chair before. Book by book is passing by. I continue read without worrying about time or anything.

I've finished the last page of the last book I've taken from the bookshelf. 18.30 P.M is what my watch shows me. It's already this late. I leave the library and find other places to spend more time outside my apartment. I don't know why, but I don't feel like coming home early today. I walk to the Hiyoshi station. In the end I decide to spend some time in Mister Donuts in front of the station. I take 3 donuts and a glass of coffee. I open my tablet, read some news, check email and play some games in the end.

My watch tells me that it's already 21.30 P.M, but still I feel like spending more time outside. So, I decide to take a train and go to Minato Mirai, Yokohama. Why Minato Mirai in the winter? Who give a damn thing about that. The train is full of salary man who just go home from their work. I ended up standing from Hiyoshi station until Minato Mirai station.

Minato Mirai, one of the best illumination spot in Japan. Laying next to the sea, makes this place really windy. And because it's winter, it gives me chill. I walk around aimlessly, watch the Ferris-wheel and see some spot which I think it's interesting.

I go back and reach Hiyoshi station at 11.45 P.M. While I am walking home, I am wondering that if the world will really end on December 12th then I only have only about 10 minutes left. Dying when reaching apartment, isn't it? Somehow it sounds little bit creepy. I've reached my apartment and now I'm standing in front of the door. Something bothering me. I turn my head and look at the sky. What is that? The night sky is cracking. I'm really shocked by this phenomenon. I wonder what is that. Am I dreaming?

In the same time, Mr. Takeshi, my neighbor, passing by, so maybe asking him will be better.

"Takeshi-san, do you see that sky?" I asked while pointing to the cracked sky.

"Ah, Ta-kun. Good night. Sky? Ah, really beautiful night sky, isn't it?" he answers. Hearing his answer, I assume that he couldn't see what I see right now.

"So you think the same too Takeshi-san? Then, night Takeshi-san" I try to acts like I see the same as what he sees.

"Night too Ta-kun" He answers while entering his house.

I continue to observe that phenomenon while thinking that if it is really the end of the world. In a blink of eye, black shadow falls from that crack. I wonder what is that, so I run and try to go to the place where that shadow falls. I am running without seeing anything around me. Finally I reach the place. Slowly, I approach the place. I open my eyes wide due to shock. My mouth couldn't sound any word. What the hell is that? Is is real? Don't tell me? All that words come to my mind in an instant. I see two creatures, the first one is like Diablo in Final Fantasy VIII I think, and the second one I couldn't describe it well. A big creature far bigger than the first one, more creepy, more scary and looks very beast. I wonder what is that thing. Is there any body here that watching this phenomenon? I look around, but I couldn't see anyone.

"#$#@!*$(&$)$*$)*#@&" the first says something but I can't understand anything. It's neither English nor Japanese. What the hell are those language?

")!@)(#@!(&(@)!$)(&(!@" the second answers, but still I can't understand anything. They continue talking, until in a point, the second looks angry. I don't know how, but I get the feeling that it's angry by seeing its body language and expression change. Something shocking is happening. The second start attacking the first. It hits the first using its big clawed hand. The effect of the hit makes a big wind blows and shakes the earth. I close my eyes in an instant. What an unbelievable power. But what I see right now is more unbelievable. The first which has far smaller body then the second, it holds the second's attack using its bare hand. What now? I couldn't see the first anymore, where is it? I look around but couldn't find it. What? It is already flying behind the second's head. Eh? Flying? I try to open my eyes wider to ensure it. It's really flying. I come to a conclusion that the wings are real.

The fight continues, and now it already lasts for 10 minutes. The first looks like it has the upper hand. Even I'm watching this fight, I can only see when one of them place a hit on the other one, not the movements. They are really fast so I couldn't see any of them. I am out of word. What shown in front of me couldn't even make me believe that I am not dreaming.

The fight is still continuing. I don't think they feel my presence here. The second hits the wall and what!?! it is flying toward me!! Eh? What should I do? Even I try to move and dodge it right now, the wall is too big to be dodged. I won't make it in time. Is it the end of me? December 12th? Ah, sorry guys for leaving without saying anything. Hey me, dying without even having a girlfriend, very lame isn't it? Somehow the time looks so slow when facing a dead end. But, it's odd, I can smile while facing this. God bye everyone. Sorry for going there first. Please take care! Somehow Reika's face comes to my mind. Reika? I hope I have more time so I can know more about her, but I guess there's nothing left for me. I smile and close my eyes.

I am counting my dying time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Huh? Why it (the wall) still hasn't hit me? Am I counting too fast? or do die take very short time so I couldn't even tell the difference between life and die? at least I must feel it when it hits me, but I couldn't. There's no way that something that big will miss hitting me. Maybe I should wait a little more. Lets count again! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Huh? Am I wrong? the distance between the wall and me is around 5 meters and I think the speed is around 100 km/h, then it should hit me after 0.18 second, shouldn't it? It's already more than 10 seconds, so why it still hasn't hit me yet?

"Hey you! Are you okay?", I hear a voice. I open my eyes and then look to the direction where that voice comes from. I can see the first standing in front of me while holding that big wall.

"Thank you, I'm okay", I answer him. Huh? How can I understand its language now?

"Sorry for dragging you into this fight. I didn't know that a human exists in this dimension. Could you move?" it asks again.

"Yeah, I'm okay", I answer

"Then, could you hide right now? I can't fight while worrying about someone here", it replies

"Ah, okay", I stand and run to find somewhere to hide. At that time, I understand that I couldn't do anything there. While running, I am wondering that why it has that kind of monstrous power even its size is just barely same as me. Huh? Why is running in the night can be this interesting? Maybe I should join track team tomorrow. Ha ha. Another useless topic came to my mind. Why I can't be a little bit serious in a time like this. I wonder if the first is okay by itself.

I stop running. Here it comes! why this thing is already standing in front of me? Hey, don't tell me that you lose guy! What should I do? Is it the second chance of dying for me? Wow, 2 times in a day? sorry to disappoint you bastard, but I will run right now! I turn back an prepare to run. What? Hey are you kidding? I haven't even try to take a step and you already there? Maybe I should take back my thought about running. Ha ha, there no way I could run away from this guy. It shows its clawed hand and ready to kill me. It starts moving its hand towards me. Guys, once again, good bye! This time I don't close my eyes.

What? Why? Hey you guy, who am I? Friend? No! Family? Not a chance! So why? Why you're standing there? Why don't you just let me die? The first is standing in front of me with its stomach pierced by the second's claw.

"Are you okay human?", it asks

"Hey! Look at yourself? You're the one who aren't okay! Why you! Why you!", I reply. Somehow it draws out my tears.

"Ah, thanks God. It seems that you're okay", it replies again

Why you? I am not someone worthy for your life, you bastard! Why I am crying, I am a man. Man doesn't cry bastard!

"Don't cry human, let me finish this first, after that we can talk" it talks

The second is trying to pull out its hand from the first, but the first is holding it tightly. What is that? From the first's right hand, black shadow starts moving. What? That black shadow is forming a sword. The second desperately trying to pull out its hand but it couldn't. The first hold the sword high, prepare to slash. It slashes the second in one go. The wind blows strongly. The second slashed into two. Slowly the second disappear from my sight. Is it the end?



tsundere : a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.

-san, -kun : Japanese honorifics, -san is the most common honorific and is a title of respect similar to the English words "Mr.", "Miss", "Mrs.", or "Ms.". -kun is used by persons of senior status in addressing or referring to those of junior status, or by anyone when addressing or referring to male children or male teenagers.

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