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Fear permeates life, but why is that? "Accepted history."
(Note: This is edited for a text-to-speech reader. Any mispelled words are done so on purpose.)

         The main idea a student of religious truths has to keep in mind is the time in which you inhabit. For instance, we currently live in the year of 2011 a.d. (The time that this paper was written.) This fact needs to be kept in-check as the religious student cross-references this truth with their religious text being studied. Further more, it is wise to note that almost every religious text – the Bible, Koran, Cabala, and so forth – was written at a time much different than our own (or whnever you are reading this paper.) When any of those text were first written, they were written for that particular time; the time when that writer had lived in.

         Fast-forward to nowadays: we see that those who are in power have seen to it that the meaning of those writings, those religious text, have been resurrected for their own nefarious purposes to live in the hearts, minds, and souls of the populous. But, like all knowledge, this is a double-edge sword because, ultimately, those religious texts contain seeds of  the truth as well. They tell the truth about the Creator, and the natural connection each person has to that Creator. And that buried truth has been repeated so many times so that people have an ample amount of truth told to them. It is a truth they can focus on and work to further understand that spiritual aspect of life, or they can ignore it for more dramatic and distracting thoughts of physical life. Thoughts that may not be evil in themselves, but that work to distract the mind and soul from the evil that is working around it. This plague of ignorance is perpetuated by “Enterrr-tainttt-meant,” as I like to call it.

         The American Entertaintment Industry is part of the Military-Industrial-Complex, or the M.I.C., that the German Socialist Society – the Nazi Party – had created after World War One. World War Two was set in motion in order to redefine the M.I.C.... Then, within a year or so after the end of WWII, the “passing of the M.I.C. torch” from Nazi Germany to the USA brought about the C-I-A – the Central Intelligence Agency, and the NSA – the National Security Agency, to protect the Nazis and their horrendous experiments imported from a wartorn Germany. This clandestine and sinister military operation was called “Project Paperclip”.

         But, taking two-steps backwards, real quick, my research shows that the British monarchy – the Illuminati? – might have planted Prince Albert, a subjected mind-control victi, as Adolf Hitler into Germany for the purpose of setting up the M.I.C. to pass onto America after WWII. This was so the British Monarchy could continue their centuries old plan for world domination. At the time of Hitler/Prince Albert’s implementation – around the end of the 1800s, beginning of the 1900s – is when spirituality was big around the world. Madam Blavatsky’s Theosophic Society was converting people left and right. Mormonism was born. William Gull, I mean Jack the Ripper, had slain five prostitutes in a most horrendous way in Whitechapel, London. Then, soon enough, Alister Crowley came on the world scene doing his thing. (Side note: My research shows that Crowley might have been a British Intelligence Agent working for MI6, as well, but as somebody who specialized in the Black Arts. End note.) this was also around this time when Nikola Tesla was making tremendous headway with electrodynamics and wireless technology. Beleive it or not! As can be imagined, most of Tesla’s inventions and patents were far more advanced than today’s technology. But the government raped Nikola Tesla’s genius in order to control the flow of consumer technology. They degraded the physical world we live in with their greed, and automobiles that run on petroleum instead of something more environmentally-friendly -- such as Henrey Ford's all hemp vehicle!

         The Dupont family, famed for “their” plastic products, were great friends with Harry Ass-slinger, a man who helped to brand cannabis / hemp as an “evil plant” in order to promote the sales of plastic. But, in reality, Harry Ass-slinger did this because he was prejudice against Mexicans, like Poncho Via and his crew, who smoked something they called “mari-juana”. Cannabis or mari-juana is a hemp plant, which is only a plant, but the hemp fiber is very strong and durable. Rope and carpets are made out of hemp. American money is printed on hemp paper. Any piece of clothing can be made out of hemp fiber. And the hemp seed is a super nutritious foodstuff. Further more, all plants exist by photosynthesis and filter carbon dioxide out of the air, replacing it with clean breathable oxygen. So why would any government in their right mind lobby against an earth grown blessing? Answer: Because more money could be made destroying the world and enslaving people with lies, instead of keeping both the Earth and the people healthy.

(Side Note: I have a theory why anybody, and not just you, get paranoid when they smoke cannabis. It has to do with humans being a spiritual creature way before they are a physical one. Human bodies do not contain a soul, but the soul – who we truly are – contains and gives life to a body. Other drugs reveal this very same idea, but through different effects; effects that correspond and/or parallel the substance that that particular drug is created from, be it natural or man-made. End note.)

         Following these thoughts of world destruction to their logical end, it is easy to deduce that, as strange as it sounds, this is an alien conspiracy. (A concept first proposed by Dr. Len Horowitz.) I don’t mean a BEM (Bug-Eyed-Monstor) science fiction outer space alien either. Let me explain. In most any dictionary, the meaning, the definition of an “alien” is merely "somebody from a different place." Or, more recently, something non-human. This would indicate that, nowadays, an alien is not friendly to human life and, therefore, not friendly to human health. Money is not needed to keep humans healthy, but it is universally accepted to purchase clothing, foodstuffs, and shelter -- the three essentials for leading a good healthy life. And if you have a real family to be a part of, then life is probably as good as it gets -- because there are always hills, plateaus, and valleys throughout the journey of life.

         But back to the alien conspiracy – a conspiracy being something illegal and secret – would work toward making human life a living hell. The Illuminati do this by inundating people, flooding people with comfort enhancing technologies. (A Brave New World?) When a person is comfortable, they are much more willing to give up their free will by consent. Especially if giving up their concent will keep them comfortable. So, by unknowingly giving up their free will for comfort by clever speaking or worded contract, people allow an alien agenda to fulfill itself. The alien with the agenda hidden by a human conspiracy is Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub,  Baphomet, Baal, Jah-bul-lon, or whoever, because Satan or any other demon are the Adversary to Humanity. Speaking of which, lets examine who the president of the entertaintment industry, Satan, might truly be....

         Looking back at the dinosaurs -- those mighty thunder lizards that consisted of a myriad of different shapes and colors, with horns and no horns, wings and no wings -- and adding to them the idea of ancient astronauts visiting Earth (a take-off Zecharia Sitchen's Sumerian research) we get a reality where, I speculate, that is was not a meteor that killed the dinosaurs. Nope. Instead, the dinos either went into hiding or got zapped into the next dimension by the strange gigantic (by-peds) in spacesuits who defended and taught the mammalian natives who were, up until then, were part of the dinosaur’s everyday food supply. Referring back to the Holy Bible, we see that Satan, that old dragon, that two-legged snake in the garden, sounds exactly like an intelligent dinosaur when you stop to think about it....

         So, what if the dinosaurs actually survived by hiding underground, or were banished to a different dimension by the space travelers and evolved parallel to humans?... (As told in Super Mario Bros - The Movie.) The dark spiritual kingdom of Satan is said to be underground and that God lives up there somewhere in outer space. That would mean at some point during this heavenly debacle, humans forgot how life-giving the Earth truly is and possibly started to fear it instead because that is where the dinosaur were hiding out. Thus ‘superstition’ was born. As you can guess, this is where things started to get complicated for our struggling mammalian species.

         Nobody knows what happened to the gigantic space people and their mountainous starships, but there are ancient petroglyphs and crazy-big monuments scattered around the globe to ponder about....

         Continuing to look at the dinosaurs evolving parallel to humans, lets apply the idea that, like humans, not all dinosaurs – who I will refer to as reptilians from now on – not all reptilians are “evil minded.” (A nod to the TV series V, and to the incredible story of one Deluce New Mexico base security officer named Thomas Costello....) Sure, we’re talking about a blood thirsty race who’s natural history maintains that mammalians, that us humans, are their food supply. But that doesn’t mean they lack intelligence. Actually, this would mean quite the opposite! The reptilians are very intelligent. Intelligent enough to utilize their spiritual/physical chamaeleon-like ability for survival. And, the more secretive they are about their natural evolutionary trait, the better for them and their survival. So what if the evil minded reptilians used there chamaeleon ability to create religions, secret societies, and political systems to govern humanity, making sure they always have an ample food supply for their race? My research has pointed me to a couple of religions called, appropriately enough, Satanism and Luciferism, which is practiced by many people who hold influential religious, political, and economic power throughout the world.

         If these surviving reptilian natives of Earth have the ability to transform from a lizard-like entity to that of a human being, and vice versa, does that not sound like something that happens at the height of a Satanic ritual? (It sure does, according to my research into “lizard culture”, which spans into the area of blood orgies.) But consider this: if all this crazy-sounding information is true, then there is not only one Satan. Nope. Think about it for a second. Logically, the reps, the dinosaurs in hiding, would be just as numerous as humans are. Following this line of thought, it leads me to believe that there are, literally, multiple Satans in every city. If people use simple words to control the minds of other people, then it makes sense that an intelligent, animalistic race who is more blood thirsty than humanity is, would know that simple mind-control technique, as well as a few other more viscious practices.

         You see, history is filled with evidence of this sort of thing. Look at the culture of any ancient civilization. They all have stories about good and evil reptiles, of space travelers, of strange inter-dimensional (spiritual) creatures who are either their teachers or their destroyers. In all truth, humans love and hate each other just as much as all those entities love or hate humanity. It is a trip! The best thing for people to do as brothers and sisters of humanity is to love the truth, to seek it out, and to spread the truth that we find. As strange as all this information is, and can sound, that is half the fun and the wonderment of being a soul in-charge of a physical body! At least that is the way I’ve come to see it and to not to be dominated by paranoia, or anything, or anybody else, in this vastly huge city-state-country-continent-planet-solar system-galaxy-universe that we all exist in. After all, too much seriousness can do a lot of weird things to a consciously open mind.

(Side Note: I forgot how it happened, but all this information spawned from the idea of “What if I, Curtis Lee Cancino, am a mind-control victim?” From what I understand, all mind-control victims are used as sex slaves. Yet, according to who I am, as a Virgo, I would probably be used as a “mind-file” as well. [If that is true, it would make sense why I’m so into all this esoteric stuff.] But, as far as I can remember – and I can more-or-less remember my entire chronological lifeline, which is important to know – I have no recollection of ritual abuse. If anything, I’m just a weird guy who has an extremely high tolerance for an imaginative truth when I happen to stumble across it. End note.)

         Children of the world, it is time to sing a new song! A new song about love and compassion, about protection for those who have none, a song about truth, devotion to that truth, and a song about defence of that truth. Children of the world, unite, in the name of love!
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