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Women Boxers and understanding who she is.
For the business of professional boxing may mean a different role for a woman, for many may think she has no role in the boxing world. As women boxers we lead with integrity from within, she can open the door to a whole new way of her boxing skills. It takes courage for women to box and challenge other top women boxers in the world today. She is not worthless just because she wants to be in a man's domain to craft her vision of being the best female in boxing. Women boxers train daily, mental and physical conditioning, spiritual strength and of course emotional control.

Look at Laila Ali, Ann Wolfe, Christi Martin, all of us that either retired, walked away from promises, injuries, families, she is known to keep trudging her true path with God, finding her true self, to feel self confidence and have the right mental attitude.

There are times we women boxers strive to not have disappoinments or circumstances get in our way, we are to make real decisions to live our lives as we see fit. God puts a dream in her heart, when He brings opportunity across her path, God wants to do new things in her life. But shes got to do her part and get outside the boxing ring.

She must change her thinking and trust in what she can do and take responsibility for her own actions, setting a new standard, not to live her life that has the world's approval. It really takes a great deal of courage to be honest with ourselves as female boxers, we sometimes need that trust in someone and not be empty with the power we carry inside, because we are women in position of strength and we do take full responsibility for our own well being, but we count on "Coach." Of all the difficult obstacles in our lives, we as professional boxers become successful in the world in many ways,we have been acheivers and we've made things happen. We also have the freedom to forget ourselves as boxers or athletes and serve others in love.
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