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A story about footprints you leave and footprints you take on your path.
Footprints in the Snow

         She managed to escape the city before the winter storm made it impossible to travel the treacherous road to her sanctuary.  Just in time, she thought, as the wind howled and the white snow shrouded everything in sight.

         Becca hoped it would snow for a week and she would be isolated in this winter wonderland for a month.  She desperately needed at least two weeks to finish her latest novel.  The publisher was grumbling about delays while scheduling non-stop appearances promoting her last book, and her boyfriend complained he didn’t get enough of her time.  Everything seemed urgent - yet nothing was important.
         The next morning she stood at the kitchen sink and sipped her tea as she scanned the rugged winter landscape from the window of her secluded cabin.  A huge tree with icicles glittering off its branches stood majestically at the edge of the surrounding forest.  Behind the tree and coming up fast were a little ball of black fur and huge mound with matching fur.  Becca knew there were bears in the area and she was pleased at the opportunity to watch mama and baby bear play. 
         She heard the tree creak right before she saw it begin to lean.  It snapped under the weight of the ice and crashed down on mama bear.  Baby bear, not knowing what happened, looked over his shoulder for his mother.  He stopped, turned and ran to her.  When he realized she wasn't moving, he sounded a mournful cry that Becca would remember forever. 
         She approached slowly, took baby bear in her arms and they cried.  They started towards the cabin and she turned and saw her footprints in the snow beside paw prints and knew that Mama's spirit would walk with Becca and Baby always.
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