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What started as a scandal turns into experiment to find people true characteristics
Sometime in November 2010 a couple of my friends got together and did something rather interesting. They created a new facebook profile. They named it Beatrice Lindermen. There goal, fool everyone at are school into thinking shes real. Now the imaginary Beatrice Lindermen wasnt exactly the prettiest girl in the world. My friends googled "Ugliest chicks" and got the picture from there. When the fun part came of adding people and talking to them, the results were...how can I say this...Funny? People were horrified of Beatrice and left negative comments on her profile and even the people you thought were the kindest, left means things saying stuff like " leave me alone you ugly b****". After a week of continous process, most of the people at school were already talking about her and asking if the rumor was true that she was moving up to are school. Me and friends blended in with the crowd, saying we got the same friend request from her and confirming the rumor that she was coming to are school. After about three weeks into the Beatrice scandal, my friends decided to shut it down because the topic of her was old and many people were starting to believe she was fake. Still to this day, some people mention Beatrice and wonder if shes really real.

Starting around February my brillant friends decided to make another fake person, but this one was the exact opposite of Beatrice. This one was Kim Fiterzgald. A smoking hot blond with a nice body and a face that could make anyone look twice. We basically did the same thing with the Beatrice profile, we added people from are school and told them that she was planning on moving to that school. The results were astonishing. Every single guy we added wanted the same thing. Her. Even the shy guys flirted with her and made plans to try to meet her (of course thats never gonna happen). But the single most interesting thing that struck me was the fact  that nobody talks about her at school. Everybody knows her on facebook but shes just not a topic at school. Even to this day this Kim profile is still alive and were still continuing to add people at are school. My friends use the profile for fun and to prank everyone at the school. I use it for research. Two totally different people that get not so shocking results but the way it impacts the community at are school. Pretty soon Kim may turn out to be a topic at school but for now she remains enclosed in peoples hearts as they hope they can get a chance with her and someday meet her face to face.
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