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A Tribute to the man who created Redwall.
I-Am That Is
Your role was mighty indeed.
Your heroes were courageous
Your villains were evil.
Good always defeated evil,
Even if there was a cost.

I-Am That Is
You had many roles,
Abbot, Champion,
Badger Lord, Friendly Thief,
And many more Heroes.

I-Am That Is
You were also quite evil.
You were a Warlord,
Conqueror, Slaver,
Pirate, Corsair,
And other Villains.

I-Am That Is
May you travel,
With those who
Are your friends,
Like Martin, Matthias,
Deyna, Mariel,
Dannflor, Samkim,
And everyone else.

I-Am That Is
Redwall won’t be the same
Without you adding to the adventures
Of Friend and Foe.
Salamandstron will be lonely.
The Riddles lose their fun.
The songs, their meaning.

I-Am That Is
You will be missed,
By those who travel
That wonderful world
Known as Mossflower.

Dedicated to Brian Jacques
June 15, 1939- February 5, 2011

Dedication to the Warriors-
 'Til Mossflower is Free  (13+)
A Poem dedicated to the warriors of Redwall.
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