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Manny and Cid, swap girls.
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The Swap

On A Marine Base in Virginia, there's an Agency. It’s worldwide mission is developing information on Organized Crime, Terrorism and Narcotics Trafficing.

In a conference room sat three men and a woman watching an oversized screen. It was a video clip of an armored car used to make pickups and deliveries. The sequence showed the vehicle pulling into a parking lot and a young girl walking up from between cars. She had an attaché case handcuffed to her wrist. The door opened, she climbed inside and it closed.

The briefer paused the tape.

“Gentlemen…, Ms, Jordan," he began, “Every day, across the country, this scene repeats itself over and over again. A female in her early twenties appears from somewhere and is taken to a regional location.…”

The video came back on showing the armored car driving into a parking lot outside a Real Estate Office. The back door opened, and again the young girl stepped out and went inside.

“Do we know what’s in the briefcase," asked one of the men?

The briefer brought an attaché case over and opened it. It contained a VCR looking device. He removed a disk.

“One of these.”

“What's on it?”

“It's been wiped clean…completely erased.”

“Have we questioned one of the couriers?”

“We have and she didn't know anything...”

"...Nor would she have a need to," said the woman.

“Did we identify who the delivery was for?”


Have they been questioned?”



“They’re all females, US Citizens, with no criminal background. Mostly they work out of a Real Estate Agency and in every instance, have steadfastly resisted all interrogation.”


Manny Hardin sat across from his old friend Cid Caviglia. Over at the bar, Shaundra and a girl named Lenora were sitting together. The four had finished a day of rock climbing and repelling at the Executive Development Center in Aspen Colorado.

“They picked up Marcie…“ said Cid, in a low voice.

“How long did they hold her?”

“Forty Eight hours.”

“How did the debrief go…?”

“That’s what I’m sweating….our guys are still at it.”

“Forty-Eight hours isn’t that long…”

“The Feds know we’re up to something….every time they pick up a girl the interrogation lasts longer and gets more intense.”

“Our Managers are well prepared..….Was Marcie one of yours?”

“Yeah! She should have done fine if the Feds kept to the protocols…”

“Watcha afraid of….?”

“They’ve learned some new interrogation techniques in the War on Terrorism, and I’m scared they might decide to use them.”


“Among other things….If anything happens to me, promise you’ll keep an eye on Phyllis and my boy.”

“You know I will…”

“Well I guess it’s time we take the girls upstairs…tomorrow''s a big day for them…”

“I really hate this part..., you know swapping the broads…”

“We’re too close to do the job right.”

“I know, but it’s inappropriate….almost obscene…”

“Betraying their trust?”

“Yeah, That's the part that grates on me.“

“Anything I need to know about Lenora?”

“No, How about Shaundra?”

“She’s all yours.”

The two men got up and walked over to the bar. Manny took Lenora by the arm….

“Time we go upstairs Honey, Tomorrow’s a busy day.”

Cid squeezed Shaundra's hand and smiled, “You ready?”

She looked nervously at Manny and then followed Mr. Cavaglia up to his room.


Manny poured himself a drink and looked up as Lenora came out of the bathroom. She was a cute brunette, with a prematurely hard look.

“Where did they find you,” he asked?

“Rochester, I was a kick boxer.”

“Fancy that,” he answered….“Get in bed while I get undressed.”

He gulped down his drink and took off his jacket and shirt….His slacks followed until all he had on were his boxers.

Lenora watched attentively.

Manny walked over took the fabric about her waist and pulled it down over her ankles.

“Take your top off.“

Lenora had an athletic build. She removed her halter revealing two small breasts. Manny sat down alongside and handed her a business card…Written on the back was a Limerick…

“Memorize it.”

She read it over several times before handing it back.

“Got it?”

“Got it…”

“Now relax and fuck me. I’ve been wanting to do this all day.”

She reclined, taking his erection and positioning herself.

He moved closer and took her hips.

She guided the tip inside.

He pushed feeling it slide and come to length.

“Recite it for me.”

“There once was a lass from Rochester,”

He began to stoke….

“Who was given a rhyme, so’s to test her…” she paused as he took a titty into his mouth. This was really freaking her out.

He tugged her pony tail…“go on," he said insistently.

“She was warned it was secret….” What the fuck does he have in mind? she wondered.

“This is, and important too!” he said, cropping her hip.

“That she’d better damn keep it…“ The wirey girl began to squirm.

“Move with me,” he said, beginning to sweat.

“If Lenora knows what is best for her. “ She came, rearing up, and thrashing on the head of his long hard cock.

He groaned, straining and ejaculated at the same instant.

“You got it, Babe, Don’t let me down.”

WC 869

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