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Not my usual setting for writing, love the old west so I mixed 21st century with the 19th
My head was spinning and I couldn't think, couldn't move, couldn't remember what happened. I felt my senses slowly coming back to me.

The surface I was laying on was hard and uneven, sandy yet gravely, too. I could smell the dust in the air mixed with the intoxicating spice of Sagebrush wafting through the air. A cool breeze blew gently over me, cooling my skin from heat of, what I assumed was, the sun. Something close to me shifted its feet causing the rocks to make a crunching sound. My eyes fluttered open to look up into the bright blue, cloudless sky, which I automatically turned from to shield my eyes. In front of me stood a glossy black mare. She was looking down at me with her blue eyes, her mane falling perfectly strait along her thick neck. I slowly sat up, careful not to startle her, and looked around.

I was sitting in the middle of nowhere. The ground stretched on and on until it lifted into a great mountain range, which stretched further then I could see. The only plants were sagebrush, small patches of grass and a few tree off into the distance. Behind me I could see what possibly was a town, but I was too far away to be sure.

I looked back up at the horse and studied her. Her patch was odd. It stretched over her eyes into points at the edges of her eyes. Then in-between her eyes it streched about three inches apart,taperingat the top and bottom. She was in full tack, which surprised me because nobody was around and it didn't look like anyone had even been there in the first place.

Standing up, I brushed off my black skinny jeans and blood red, off-the-shoulder shirt. I looked at my black skater shoes trying to remember where I had been and how I had gotten here. But no memories came. Slowly I walked up to the mare and touched her soft pinkish nose, then moved to her mane as I studied the things she carried with her.

The tack she had on was white, her saddle a light tan detailed in white and very beautiful, also having a black cowboy hat resting on the horn. There was a light tan saddle bag also detailed in white and bulging with the things inside. One side had money and dry foods; jerky, rice, bread and also a canteen of water. I walked to the other side and opened that one, it had, to my surprise, clothes. A single pair of died black buckskin pants, black chaps, a crimson long sleeved, collared, button up shirt, a black buckskin vest, black/brown cowboy boots and also a simple yet elegant dark red, black detailed, dress.

I looked around me, once again checking for anybody close by, but all I could see was dirt and brush. Patting the mare, I pulled myself up onto the saddle, took the rains and began trotting to the nearby town.
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