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My character/personal views about The Lenten Adventure.
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My Character's Point Of View:
Being from a small fishing village and I am someone no one respected, I am ready for a better life. I hoped life would be good someday. After meeting John the Baptist and he told us about God, I feel I have found my answer. Other people and myself followed John where ever he went. We stayed in caves and I met some new friends{I didn't really have friends before} because of John the Baptist. He gives me peace of mind and that is what I needed. I am not drawn to people much but I am drawn to John.Meetring Jesus, I felt complete trust with Jesus. Jesus is the son of God and I love him. I have never loved anyone before. My parents never paid much attention to me. Being poor, father was busy fishing and mother was busy. I left at an early age and men showed me affection but for the wrong reasons. I made a living at that. I am ashamed but John the Baptist says my sins are forgiven and Jesus cleansed me and I am a better person. Like John and Jesus, I want to get others to go to God. I want others to know him, love him and seek forgiveness and long for a home in Heaven like I do. I love God and I feel pure. I have been given a new chance at life and I will never sin again. I was sad and lonely before I met John the Baptist and Jesus. They taught me about forgiveness and I am glad they have. Jesus has more followers then John and I am happy to be one of them. The government is scary. The King and Queen don't know John the Baptist and Jesus. I saw the Queen give dagger looks at John when the King's fancy carriage came upon John baptizing people. The Queen is beautiful but she looked evil. I hope she doesn't have the King hurt John and Jesus. The people need them. The King and Queen don't know what it is like to starve and try to make money. I feel that they don't care about their people. I always wished I had been born into royalty but they don't know God, John or Jesus. I no longer want to be like them. I look forward to a home in Heaven and I am glad I am on the right path. Moses presented his people with the ten commandments and I want to follow them and do what is right. So many people have been saved by John and Jesus and I am happy to be one of them. There seems to be a large amout of fish in the water and we don't starve. Some people don't like John and Jesus and they throw rocks and twigs at them but John and Jesus don't get mad. They tell them God loves them and to join us. The weather gets hot and the other people and I get tired but we are on an adventure to save people. The adventure won't be over until everyone is saved. Leading others to God is worth any hardship I might face. This is so much better then the life I was leading. I love John and Jesus but I love Jesus more. He is the man I admire. God has a beautiful, loving, caring son who wants to save everyone. We are so blessed to have him. I will do anything to get to Heaven and be with Jesus. We are on a mission. Jesus will save us and I will never leave his side.

Personal Views:

I was raised on church and I went to church with my gtandmother when my father was in Viet Nam and my mother andIi lived with grandma and grandpa. When Dad was in Washington, DC with the Air Force, I attended Bible School and made all types of crafts which I saved in a scapbook and since I am a Creative Scrapbook Designer, I srcapbooked them and made them special. As I got older, I went to church less but I went to a small Catholic College and I helped the Nuns set up religious service activities and I got back with God but I strayed away from him after college. I hung around people who weren't Christians. I started going back to church a few years later and I got married.I started praying more and God helped my husband and I through a house fire, an accident where my husband got burned but not seriously{I thank him every day for that!} and a hysterectomy. God has been there for us and I am so thankful. I just need to learn patience and let God be in control which I am trying to do. I felt close to God at college wven though I am not Catholic but being around the sisters made me appreciate God and Jesus more. With the world being in the shape it is in, we need God and Jesus more then ever. I know God is there for us.
I read devotions everyday but I am glad Budroe has these activities. I read the Bible more and I have a guide to study with. I have just changed churches and I have been feeling out of sorts but this advenrture makes me feel like things will go well for me at the church I am at now. I learned at church, that the song Danny Boy has also been written in a version praising Jesus. When I hear the song, it now has a better meaning for me. I love the song either way and I am happy to know about it. I haven't written much for the Lord and this adventure helps me write for the Lord. I am so happy to be on this adventure. I pray for everyone and hope the world will be a better place. This adventure is bringing me closer to God and Jesus and I am happy to be part of this. I feel like I am Heaven bound and hope to get others to feel the same way. Life is an adventure and the journey isn't easy but I feel I can make this journey. Jesus and God know I can do it and I know it as well. I love God and Jesus and I realize it the more I go to church and the older I get. I am glad I have signed up for The Lenten Adventure.
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