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Megan and Jennifer meet up with their gypsy friends again.
The next morning Jennifer cooked breakfast for Bradley. She made blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs. It was a tasty breakfast.

"Darling, you didn't tell me that you could cook." Bradley winked. Jennifer loved everything about him.

"Glad you like it. I can cook but I don't have much opportunity to do so."

"We are going to Bath and I will buy you anything your heart desires." Bradley smiled that impish grin.

Jennifer thought. DO ALL MEN SMILE LIKE THAT? She liked the look on Bradley.

"I would love to go to Bath but you don't have to buy me anything. As long as we are together." Bradley got up and kissed Jennifer. Jennifer was thinking maybe she would never return to the present.

Susan and Howie dropped by to visit Megan at Vicki and Bill's.

Megan hugged Susie and Howie. They bought over some muffins.

Megan tasted the muffins. They were good. "I love these." Megan wished she bake muffins with strawberry fillling.

"Since you're here, I need to tell you something. I have to summon the gypsies. Gretchen and Angel want to go home to the present. I know about the curse on you being to live forever because of the gypsies. I will summon them tomorrow night."

Susie sighed. "We will be alright. We will stay in our house. Be careful. You may never get back to the present. The gypsies may put a curse on you."

"I know. Jennifer and I will be careful." Megan wasn't afraid of the gypsies.

Just then a carriage pulled up. Bill called out to Megan that Miles was here. Megan excused herself and Vicki bought in more tea for Susie and Howie.

Megan ran into Miles' arms and he kissed her. "Would you like to go into Bath with me?" Megan nodded.

"I will get my shawl" She ran to get her shawl and told Vicki that she would be with Miles. Vicki told her to have a good day. Megan thought that the people in this era didn't use this phrase but she and her friends weren't from this time era and they used that phrase a lot in her time. She missed the present but she couldn't leave, yet.

Miles helped Megan into his carriage. He used the regular carriage. He only used the fancy one to go to balls.

"I have some business in Bath. I will give you money to go shopping and we can eat at "The Duck Restaurant" again." Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"You don't have to give me any money. I may go to the library again."

It was a nice sunny day. Megan saw a fox. She had seen him before. At least she didn't see the wolf.

Bradley and Jennifer arrived in Bath. Jennifer looked at the dresses and the clerk told her that Mr. Kentsworth insisted that she buy what ever she wanted and he was paying for it. Jennifer bought a pretty red dress that was low cut witha V neck, a little fancy but modest. She also got some pearls. Jennifer felt like a Queen but she didn't want anything else.

As Jennifer was leaving, she ran into Megan. Megan took a hold of Jennifer's hand. "I need to talk to you."

Megan and Jennifer went outside and sat on a bench. "Gretchen and Angel want to go back to the present. I have to summom Manolito. They want to say good bye to you. Will you be alright? You know Calin will be there."

"Hey! I can handle Calin. I am sorry Gretchen and Angel will be leaving. I will miss them. Are you going back?"

Megan squeezed Jennifer's hand. "No. I am going to stay here with you. I love Miles. I want to be with him. I miss Damon but I am afraid he thinks I have left for good. Maybe I have."

"It will be alright." Jennifer smiled.

"I am going to go shopping. Miles insisted I pick out a dress."

"Bradley, too. I bought a nice dress and pearls." Jennifer showed Megan the dres and pearls. Some of the styles in this time era were pretty.

Megan picked out two dresses. One was purple with a low cut neck and empire waist and the other was purple that tied in the back and was made out of silk. She picked out a small clutch bag to match. It was from France. Jennifer smiled. Megan loved style just like she did in the present. She loved purses.Jennifer knew that Megan couldn't resist purses.

A little while later, Miles and Bradley ran into Jennifer outside the shop.

"Darling, I hate to cut our time short. Miles and I will be leaving for London tomorrow. I will have to take you back to Vicki's tonight. You know I love being with you."

"It will be alright. I will miss you." Bradley kissed Jennifer.

"I hate to leave you but maybe you can stay with me this weekend. Miles whispered as he kissed Megan's ear.

The men took the ladies to lunch at the Duck Restaurant. Jennifer kept thinking about the duck she saw yesterday. She would have to see that devil Calin but she wanted to for some insane reason. The men talked business. Miles had his textile business and Bradley had his tobacco business. Jennifer was dying for a cigarette but Bradley promised she could smoke on the way home.

With lunch over, Jennifer told Megan that she would see her later. As soon as the carriage was out of Bath, Jennifer lit up a cigarette.

"You never did answer me. Will you stay with me this weekend?" Miles asked Megan.

"I will. I love you very much." Megan kissed Miles cheek. He almost dropped the reins. Megan was kissing Miles cheek and unbuttoned his shirt.

Miles was embarrassed but happy at the same time. He stopped the carriage. "Hey! I have to drive the carriage. We will have the weekend for this. I love you and will treat you like a lady and you are a lady to me."

Megan laughed. A LADY? SHE HADN'T BEEN A LADY IN YEARS. Miles was everything to her. She missed Ray but she may never go home. Life would surely have changed for her. She had been gone awhile.

Miles bought Megan home. He saw her to the door. "I love you. I will call for you Saturday." He kissed her.

"I love you, too. You are my knight in shining armour." He looked like Leo. She loved him but she wanted to see Manolito. She wouldn't spend the night with Manolito. She just had business with him. Why did he remind her of Captain Jack Sparrow?

Jennifer got her things together and Bradley loved the dress she had bought. She promised to wear it over the weekend when he called for her. Bradley helped Jennifer in the carriage and it was a short ride to Vicki amd Bill's. Jennifer cuddled up to Bradley and he hated to leave but he had business to attend to.

Bradley walked Jennifer to the door and helped her bring her bags in. "I love you. I will be back this weekend. I trust Vicki and Bill will keep you safe." They shared a passionate kiss.

"I love you, too. You and Miles have a good trip." She blew Bradley a kiss. He winked and left in the carriage.

Megan got out the moonstone and met Jennifer downstairs. It was getting dark. Gretchen and Angel arrived. Bill had went and got them.

"Will you be alright? Do you need us to go with you?" Vicki asked.

Megan smiled. "Yes, we will be alright. The gypsies won't hurt us. They just drive us crazy."

Megan, Jennifer, Gretchen and Angel walked to the woods. It was getting dark. A owl hooted and the girls screamed. They laughed afterwards. The wolf howled.

"Crap!" yelled Jennifer.

"It will be alright. I am going to use the moonstone to summon the gypsies. Are we ready?" Megan asked.

The other women nodded and held hands. Megan held out the moonstone. Manolito, Gretchen and Angel want to go home. Please come." Just then the wolf howled again. "For Heaven's sake, do something with your father!" Jennifer, Gretchen and Angel laughed. Thunder sounded and lightning flashed. There was no rain. Things were quiet. This was eerie. The ladies were ready to run.Just then they heard horses and there was the caravan and gypsies!

Manolito was in the first wagon. He stepped down. "My Princess. You have summoned us. What do you wish my Dear lady?" He kissed Megan's hand.

"Gretchen and Angel want to go home." Megan said.

"As they wish. You may want to say your good byes."

"What do you want us to tell Damon about where you are?" Angel asked.

"Tell Damon that I love him and Jennifer and I are visiting Forks, Washington and Seattle. We are also going to England and Ireland. I will be home someday."

Curse! Manolito said under his breath.

"Why is your father, the wolf following me? Is he going to eat me?" Megan asked.

"Of course not. He is protecting you and watching over you for me. He likes you. Dad. You can come out." Manolito said. Just then the beautiful wolf came running out and licked Megan's hand. Megan loved wolves and she petted the wolf and he licked her cheek. Megan smiled.

Gretchen and Angel hugged Jennifer. "Tell my friend Jennifer{Jennifer's roommate in the present was also named Jennifer} I miss her and tell my family that I miss them and I am on a road trip with Megan." They promised they would.

Just then Calin came up to Jennifer. "My pretty bird. Do you have a kiss for your favorite gypsy man?"

Calin." Jennifer's tone was cold.

"Pretty lady. I have missed you. You know you want to make love with me." Calin grabbed Jennifer and kissed her and rubbed his hands up and down her body.

"Calin. Enough. These ladies have business." Manolito was in charge. Calin released Jennifer.

Megan hugged Gretchen and Angel. "I love you and will miss you. Thanks for being here with me." Gretchen and Angel told Megan and Jennifer that they loved them, too.

"I will start the spell." Manolito pulled out a moonstone of his own. "Take these ladies to the future, 2011. The blue of the moon, mist of the fog, let darkness loom and take these ladies home!" Just then the moon was full and blue. Fog and mist past over and thunder sounded and lightning flashed. Gretchen and Angel waved and disappeared.

"Are they back in the present?" Megan asked.

Manolito showed his moonstone to Megan. In the stone, she saw Gretchen hugging her family and Angel hugging Phillip. She showed the stone to Jennifer. Gretchen and Angel had made it home. Megan and Jennifer was happy for them. They would miss them. They looked at Manolito and Calin. They hoped that they would leave now. Manolito hugged Megan and kissed her as did Calin with Jennifer. Oh great! A love fest with these two! How would they get rid of them?
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Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen and I by best friend Angel.
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