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by Park
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Will the eBook finally replace paper?
Recently, technology is developing at breakneck speed. Especially, IT. numerous people already stopped to read paper books and newspapers due to iPad, and iPod.

An electronic book doesn't have sensibility. It's not just reading letters. We feel susceptibility which paper books have. That's why electronic books market hasn't been revitalization yet. 'seth godin' who runs 'seth godin's blog' which is very famous published a book and said "It is more convenient to spread my knowledge through blog than books. But, books make people read book from the first page to the end of the book. Therefore, books effect the readers life more directly and more deeply".

I tried once to read a book from iPod. It gave me a headache and sore eyes. It didn't make me concentrate. I didn't feel like I'm reading a book. I've thought it was because I couldn't smell the book and feel when I turned over the pages.

These are also the merits of reading paper books.  paper books are not just for reading. It is a display effect as well.  I can't think of a library that display eBooks.

However, if Apple company or the other eletronic book company can make the eletronic reading machine that is able to provide us sensibility. Then this essay contents will be changed. If it is easier to use eletronic books and cheaper than paper books, then paperbooks market will be exchanged to ebook market.
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