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What a solider goes through but can never forget what happen to him.
His hands are soft, clean, and caring. You could tell by His hands, that He was going to live a life full of prosperity, money, and happiness. You could tell, that He is going to have a rough road and full of challenges to over come by the deep creases in his hands. But His hands don't bring Him the future nor what is stored ahead for Him. All He can is live is His life and wait for what is to be brought onto Him. Two years later, He is fighting for His country, for His rights, for His freedom, and for His life. His hands we're once soft, clean, and caring... Now there are striped of their softness, His hands are stained and non stained with His own blood. His hands have blister's, that haven't popped and that have popped, oozing pus and blood out of them. The wraps that we're once on His hand are covered in raw and dead flesh. The hands that we're once caring, have the memories of what He is ashamed of doing... On His right hand He has the letters "A & C" the first letter of His name and the first letter of his disced wife. On His left hand He wears His fading wedding band, just like all the memories of His marriage fading away day by day. He also has the quote "You and me forever and ever, no matter what..." on His left hand. You can say He lives a life full of prosperity, money, and happiness. But His hands tell different. He married His high school sweet heart, which lasted two years, He had money till His wife went under treatment. The last year they we're together, He took her anywhere she wanted to go and see. Just seeing her happy made Him happy. That last year was His happiest He has ever been, just spending the time and being with one another was good enough for him. She was His prosperity and happiness. His hands tells stories, that He is afraid of telling and reliving the moments... The hands that we're once soft, clean, and caring. Are now raw, blood stained, and ashamed for what they did... The hands of a Solider, will never forget what they endured all in life.
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