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by Jeff
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WdC Survivor Entry #1: Dialogue Only


“Honey, can you take out the trash?”

“Sure, babe. Just as soon as I’m done with the paper.”

“Can’t you just take it out now?”

“As soon as I’m done with the paper. I promise.”

“Prop 10B passed? I don’t believe it.”

“Yep. Looks that way.”

“And 14A? Wow.”


“Actually, could you move your head to the side? It’s blocking the bottom of the article.”

“That’s because I’m the one reading the paper.”

“Aww, and it’s so sweet of you to share, honey. But seriously, can you please lean a little to the left? I want to see the results of the other propositions.”

“Or you could just read it when I’m done.”

“What fun would that be? We’re sharing right now.”

“I feel like I’m in school and the teacher is looking over my shoulder while I take a test.”

“Maybe that’s because I am a teacher.”

“But I haven’t been a student for twenty years.”

“Oh, don’t be so grumpy. It’s nice that we can do things together.”

“You drive me crazy, you know that?”

“I know. But that’s what you love about me.”


“Wow, do they really think the Giants have a chance at the playoffs this year?”


“And that plan for a new stadium got shot down? Could you turn to page C18 so I can read the second part of the article?”

“I can’t read like this. Seriously. How am I supposed to enjoy the paper with you reading over my shoulder?”

“I’m sorry... you started reading and I caught a couple of the headlines and got interested too. Is that so bad?”

“Look, you know I like to take my time with the paper every morning. Why don’t you finish your article and I’ll read the paper afterward. I’ll even take out the trash while you’re finishing.”

“Really? Thanks, sweetie, you’re a peach. You know, I’m so lucky I married such a thoughtful guy, who always does his chores right when I ask him!”

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