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She's just a girl who enjoys a good meal and struggle in her belly
It was common for teenagers like Tori, Jeffrey and Luke to just enjoy a nice walk in the woods. The trees reflected a nice, serene beauty as light filtered through the emerald green leaves. It was humid, and white puffy clouds hung in the sky. The boys were walking through a humid, moist area that was about a mile away from their home, which was a small city in Louisiana. They hopped over rivers, conversed over girls, and most of all began to speak of the strange dissapearances occuring in the area in the past 5 years. After that amount of time, you'd think that the culprit of these dissapearances was found, but the case was never solved. The boys noticed as well that the vanishings were becoming much more frequent as friends were vanishing from school every week.

"Yeah, Sally vanished last week, I dont know man, it sucks I was going to ask her out," said Jeffrey to Luke
"I guess thats how it works, I feel terrible though, we really should keep a look out," Luke replied.
Tori rolled her eyes, tears beginning to swell in them, she liked Jeffrey. She more over loved Jeffrey, but he didnt know it yet, as she silently crushed on him.

"I dont know, its scary to think where they all went, but I hope they turn up somewhere" said Tori
The group began to explore the area more, in suspicion that somehow the lost citizens would show up.

Tabitha laid back in her recliner, her large meal keeping her stomach satisfied and making her drowzy. Tabitha was a beautiful girl, with an athletic type body. Her long black hair flowed down past her shoulders, with its blond highlights adding to the mix of perfect jet black hair. Her lips, as she licked them to get a taste of her past meal became moist. She had a very pretty face, not exactly round, and not exactly pointy, but in the middle. Her eyes were a perfect crystal blue, and her skin had a nice tan to it as she seemed like a girl who spent most of her time outside exersizing. Her butt was the epitome of a perfect butt in any man's eyes. It was nice and tight but rounded so it bounced as she walked just enough to turn heads. She had nice C cup breasts, and a very lean, athletic belly, except for at the moment as a large meal was digesting just inside it. A final kick and muffle stirred her swollen belly, then whatever was inside of it surrendered to the muscular and acidic organ. Tabitha responded with a laugh, "That's a good boy, just digest like a good little meal," she began to slowly stroke her belly, as if to put her prey to sleep. She soon fell asleep and her belly turned her meal into a nutritious goop, eventually returning to normal size in the night while she slept.

A skunky, earthy scent filled the air of the woods and light emerged from a clearing not too far ahead. It looked to be a plain, not too common, for the area."Guys look at this!" said Jeff as he stumbled upon a clearing, the other two followed and emerged from the brush as well, looking off into the distance. "Whoa!" said Tori, "That's a lotta chiba" said Luke. To their surprise rows upon rows of cannibis plants were fully matured stretching almost as far as the eye could see. Being typical potheads, Luke and Jeffrey took off in a giddy excitement in hopes to get some for the party tonight.
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