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Is the world really going to end? Or is it just another new beginning waiting for us?
As I was browsing the net in my cabin I stumbled upon a question being asked in one of the forums that said “Is the world going to end next year?” Theorists, Physicists, biologists, geologists and many more learned personages started sharing their views one after another relentlessly trying to prove their point as if the destiny of our fate vests on the victory of their theories. Facts and fictions kept tossing one another over the waves of bewilderment spinning a web of complexity and convolution. A sentence or two wobbled my mind with the grave idea of finding me dead in the hands of natural catastrophe whereas the next few words soothed my heart with the faint ray of hope of the opposing theories that assured that the world will not come to an end. The concluding phrase was even more confusing and was left with an open ended question with the discretion of judgment in the hands of the reader.

Routed and mystified I stood on my deck with a drink in my hand looking at the starry sky amidst the sailing cloudlets. Looking up into the sky, it seemed to me that I finally found my answer from the stars standing up in the sky all silent but speaking to my heart so many unspoken words with their winking eyes and smiling faces. They asked why we even bother whether the world will come to an end or not for if it ends we must live the moments in hand – full of life and if it doesn’t, our life will again be counted with these fleeting moments. They said to me how we forget to thank almighty for all the precious years he gifted us to pursue the shores of our lives. They showed me the moments of eternal peace that I failed to notice being carried away by the boredom of our daily routine. They reminded me of each time I hurt a jovial spirit engulfed in the muddiness of annoyance. They showed me each time I forgot to hold the hand of my dear friends and plead them not to leave when they left in dismay. They pointed every second that I wasted thinking about my failures rather than praying for my success. They enlightened me of the darkness that I was in weeping and wailing for a ray of light when there was so much of hope around me. They told me that we humans keep brain storming in finding facts of the future but fail to unwind the golden moments of the present.

We don’t know whether the world we live in will come to an end or not but we certainly don’t care about the relationships that we end everyday even in this living world. In the present world a husband fails to find time for his wife, a son fails to find time for his old mother, a brother fails to sit by the side of his sister when she is in need, a couple finds it difficult to find time to say each other how much they care, and above all we all fail to find time to lend a hand to the recuperate our dying environment and instead we search for a solution to our destiny in the movements of planets, stars and other astronomical bodies in space.

Ironically we all have fashioned our society with norms and restrictions to suit our conveniences and we search for a suitable solution to the above question in the purview of our understanding. But in my humble opinion if we all pause for a moment thinking of the horrendous event of our world coming to an end maybe we might understand the importance of the beautiful world that we live in. Maybe it’s not too late to kneel down in front of our gods and give a code of thanks for making this beautiful world. Maybe we all can forego all our individual differences and start saying each other how much we care. For none of us can attest with certainty what is in hold for our future but if this thought helps us all to hold the sail of our destiny and relationship with a little bit of understanding and compassion, then maybe it’s worth thinking and discussing whether or not – The world will come to an end.
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