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The purest form of love...
I was content and peaceful in my small little home, which was all for myself but as people really cannot see others happiness, I was forced out of my den one day..
My heart filled with sadness and rebel, I started telling them(in my own way) that I am not liking this..their deed and these strange surroundings..after all everyone loves their home..but to my shock they were not bothered at all. I felt something was being done with me, the skin on my stomach hurt a little, it felt strained. I wanted to tell the big man holding me and hurting me that "dude, I am going to sue you for this."
Then, to my relief another being, little gentler and smaller than that disgusting man harassing me took me away, to another alien land. She, after putting me down, started to wipe me. Oh God! Who told her that I am dirty, has she lost her mind! I tried my best to tell her to stop this but she didnt. Dont they understand my language? Why are they doing this to me? And who are they after all? Amidst these thoughts and my endless exercises to stop her, I felt something was rolled over me. Oh no, what is this now! Someone please tell her that I cant even move my hands and legs in this. Duh!
But then...I was handed over to her..HER..
Everything about her was different. I felt certain warmth in her arms. Her fragrance was soothing to my soul..and I fell in love with her that very moment. She embraced me with so much love and care that I never wanted to be away from her loving arms, her beautiful face and her warming presence. This angel then fed me and tired as I was, sleep overtook me.
I opened my eyes again expecting to still be in the arms of that Godly creature when I saw two strange faces leaning over me, producing strange noises. If they were trying to amuse me, I told them that they are only scaring the hell out of me but I think even they did not understand my language for they continued their mad stuff! After they went away, there came another big man and he too started gazing me. I prayed, God please send my angel again to me and dont ever take her away. And God answered my prayer.
Thanks to that man, I was again in her arms. She hid me in her arms, safe from everyone and everything. I was not scared anymore. She was my SAVIOUR...
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