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Sheep walk of B-schools and education trend in India.
I woke up early in the morning; first thought was to spend Sunday in a mall near my home. I opened main door of home, saw today’s newspaper, randomly turned the pages and saw an advertisement of education fair at Pragati Maidan in Delhi(India). I was quite excited to read the advertisement, as I am looking for bachelor’s degree in foreign language or travel and tourism program.
I left home by 10 o clock in morning, reached Pragati Maidan in an hour by metro train. Two representatives, busy in each other. Passed me a sheet, where I filled out my name and contact info, without guiding me they gave me a green colored entry card.
I walked for a while and saw the destination hall decorated with red colored big banner of 5th education fair. I read 150 colleges and universities are taking part to take part in seminar and information to prospective students. Right before entering the main hall of education fair many advertisers offered me brusher and pamphlets of respective colleges and universities, they were representing. I was impressed to see this and expected more colleges and universities inside the hall.
I have completed class 12th in 2005, since then I am working in B.P.O(Business process outsource) industry. Now when I’ve got time and money to continue studies, I am not eligible for most of the courses I want to get in. I have a hope from a private university, (University which claims all they are looking for confidence and communication skills) but counselor made odd faces while looking at my mark sheet, I scored 17% more then the eligibility criteria for B.A courses. Result of that university is still awaited

I entered in A.C hall of education fair, I saw first counter of business school as I am not interested in business degree at all so I left it behind and decided to see colleges from other lane, I was surprised to see not even a single college of medical or arts, just business all over.
Then I thought it must be a hall for business school, I asked a really beautiful girl who wanted me to fill out form for the college she was representing, that is it the section for business schools I guess she already knew what I meant and she replied “ it’s the only hall for education fair”. I did not count but colleges were not more then 50 that too, for the same course. I saw one college for health services which was empty whole day.

I was dishearten after watching all colleges of b.b.a and m.b.a, I walked out of room and saw same beautiful girl standing there, she already knew my name, coz I wrote it on the form, and she tried to explain couple of features of her college, she was a student of the same college. We chatted for a while and she said she will call me someday. I came out of pragati maidan and walked towards the metro station, while listening to the Linkin Park’s, “A place for my head” song. An answer to my question stroke my head and I realized I found business colleges and universities because they know management and they understand and care for there prospective students unlike any other university, which provides health and science, or language programs in India.

I board the metro and thought, I woke up early, traveled for an hour and then wasted Sunday, all I got a new prospect of a girl, named niharika.
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