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Bad weather could cause problems in this new episode.
Friday’s weather was terrible and Roxie was refusing to leave the house as the skies were filled with torrential rain and she was worried what might happen if she left the house, her mother came to see her.

Mrs Pinewood: I know you’re terrified that something might happen but what choice do you have.
Roxie: If I change in the street people will think I’m a freak of some sort.
Mrs Pinewood: Shall I put you in an inflatable bubble or something so we can get you in the car.
Roxie: I think that might work.

Mrs Pinewood put her daughter in an inflatable bubble and she rolled her to the car, she picked up the bubble and put it in the car.
When Roxie arrived at school her Mum picked up the bubble, took it in the school entrance then opened up a valve to let her daughter out.

Roxie: Thank-you, you’re a real lifesaver.
Mrs Pinewood: Anytime, see you later.
Roxie: Goodbye.

Roxie felt relived not to be wet, if water touched her skin it would than just swell, it would transform her.
Dylan knew about the water allergy but there was so much more she was still keeping a secret and Dylan met her with the intention of finding out what it was.

Dylan: Good morning, I see you hated the rain, something to do with your water allergy.
Roxie: How do you know about that?
Dylan: Dad did some DNA testing in the lab last night and that was the conclusion.
Roxie: Well don’t tell anyone I don’t want people feeling sorry for me.
Dylan: I understand, we all have things we  don't want people to find out.
Roxie: Did you hear about the precocious party Kayla is going to?
Dylan: No, I hope she lands a boyfriend in time.
Roxie: Of course she will, she’s perfect and Brittany won’t take any less.
Dylan: Shall we get to class?
Roxie: Yes we don’t want to get in trouble, do we?

Brittany was with Brandon, Kayla, Joshua and Victoria in the History corridor.

Brittany: Good morning everyone, as I promised I worked busily last night and got you a date for the party.
Kayla: Who is it?
Brittany: Does everyone know my cute cousin?
Kayla: I don’t.
Joshua: What about me?
Victoria: You’re no comparison.
Brandon: It’s worth a shot Kayla.
Kayla: That will be divine.
Brittany: Good, then you’ll come to mine after school and I’ll lend you a new dress and a tiara.
Kayla: Of course I will.
Brandon: Am I invited?
Brittany: Yes but I’ve know more cousins so you’re welcome to come with me.
Brandon: I can’t say no to a proposition like that.
Joshua: I’m taking Victoria.
Kayla: I’d have asked Dylan and Roxie but they still keep secrets from each other, did you see her arrive in an inflatable bubble.
Brittany: Those crazy ways those out of city kids think of to avoid the rain.
Joshua: I think she must have had her reasons and I’m stumpt what that could be.
Brittany: We’ll work it out, Dylan’s done some of the work, she’s probably so in denial she’s not even noticing he’s paying her for a fool.
Kayla: No he isn’t, he concerned about her welfare and the fact she may be treated differently, he didn’t want to know that much truth, he just didn’t want her to keep secrets that’s all.
Brandon: And I get the good luck of the draw, I get to take a pretty girl to an elegant party and my equally cute best friend as well.
Victoria: You can’t deny that Brandon, you can’t ask for anything else, you have everything.
Brandon: Except the position of Soccer captaincy.
Brittany: Brandon, Christopher is good in his post and I have a crush on him so we’ll leave him where he is.
Brandon: Then why ask me out?
Brittany: I like you and Christopher, he’s older than me and I’m probably out of his league.
Joshua: Don’t be ridiculous, he has to vow for you and Kayla now.
Brandon: I can’t keep them apart.
Brittany: I’ll let Kayla have him, he’s too old for me, unless she decides she likes my cousin then we’ll have to see what our options are.
Victoria: What are you saying, he’s more of a best friend, I am sorry Buster that position’s already taken.
Kayla: Then we’ll all meet back here at break and go to class now.
Brandon: Yes, me and Kayla have to be off.

Kayla and Brandon left for class, Brittany and Victoria went to another class and Joshua also had a separate class.
Dylan and Roxie were in art class.
Mr Cummings was quite structured and let the class in at the precise time, no second later or earlier.
Dylan and Roxie were sat in the middle.

Mr Cummings: Welcome to art, today we will be doing artistic pictures with ink, water and wax crayons.
The ink comes in powder form and I have 40 colours, the water is in spray bottles, 1st you draw your image with wax crayons.
I’d recommend to put aprons on as this will cause catastrophic mess.

The kids did exactly what their teacher said and put on aprons.

Mr Cummings: There are 2 ways to do this, option 1 is to spray water on 1st and then the ink, the colours will blend and option 2 is to add the ink then the water and this will sop the colours mixing and cover block areas.
This will make a mess so avoid the carpet and remember to have fun.

The kids really enjoyed themselves and when Roxie put on the ink, Dylan got involved.

Dylan: Would you like me to spray the water to avoid it splashing.
Roxie: Yes, of course.

Dylan splashes the water.

Dylan: Do you like it?
Roxie: Yes, you’re a real lifesaver.
Dylan: It’s nothing, the crystal’s gone a dark green, what does it mean?
Roxie: Someone else knows the truth about my water allergy but who in this school really knows me.
Dylan: Kayla knows me and I haven’t told her a thing, mind you she has her mind on other things at the moment.
Roxie: And we all think she leads a very complicated life full of decisions.
Dylan: She just had a very life changing makeover, she has to build up her confidence.
It won’t come fast to her but I wouldn’t put it past Brittany to be smarter than she looks.
Roxie: I always thought so but if Brittany knows it’s not that important, she has her mind on other things although she seems to be fascinated on knowing every little detail about everyone.
Dylan: She’s just been popular and she shouldn’t be trying to make life harder for you.
Roxie: She’s not, it was just another precaution and the crystal was right to tell me.
Dylan: I can’t blame you for being jumpy.
Roxie: We have a good system working here.
Dylan: Yes we do.
Roxie: I hope you don’t feel I'm taking advantage.
Dylan: Not at all.
Roxie: And what do you think of the finished product?
Dylan: OK for a start but we must make more, we need to improve and we’ve time to do more.
Roxie: I’m going to attempt a sunset.
Dylan: Don’t over do it, the classroom already looks like a hurricane swept through and left the place a multi coloured masterpiece straight out of an art gallery.
Roxie: You should see the gallery they have in Queensland and they have also the best zoo in Australia.
Dylan: That’s good but what has Canberra ever produced.
Roxie: I’m not sure it’s no Queensland.
Dylan: No it isn’t but if you like it there so much why don’t you go back there and never see through Canberra again.

And with that Roxie was stunned to silence.

The time had moved on to 18:00pm and Kayla and Brandon were at Brittany's house getting ready for the exclusive socialite party.

Kayla: When will your cousin be coming?
Brittany: If you mean Justin, he should be on his way.
Brandon: Do I really have to wear a suit, I’m only 15 after all?
Brittany This is an important event and I want us all to look our best.
Kayla: Then what do you have in store for me?
Brittany: I’ll unveil it, it’s behind this curtain.

Behind the curtain was a beautiful dark blue cocktail dress, a solid silver diamond encrusted tiara and a pair of glass slippers.

Kayla: It’s beautiful, how will I ever thank-you?
Brittany: I needed something for you to wear, your other dress isn’t expensive enough for this party so I got you this1 and it coat nearly AU$2000 so let’s get some usage out of it.
Kayla: Of course I will, your cousin will not know what to  make of me.
Brittany: Indeed.
Brandon: Do I have to provide my own suit?
Brittany: No, I bought you 1, silly kid, I said I’d look after you both.
Brandon: Knowing your colour co-ordination it’ll match the dress.
Brittany: Not exactly, it’s beige, you try buying suits for a 15 year old and you’ll find the traditional colours hard to come by.
Brandon: I trust you with everything, I’m sure it'll be the best young person’s suit they had.
Brittany: Let’s all go our separate ways and get ready for the party.

Brittany, Brandon and Kayla headed in different directions to get ready, they re-appeared 20 minutes later at the front door.
There was a knock on the door Brittany answered it.

Brittany: Oh Justin don’t you look smart.
Justin: Yes of course, now where’s the miracle you’ve been working on.
Brittany: Here she is.

Brittany showed Kayla to Justin.

Justin: She’s a dream come true, was it true that she once had short hair and rode a skateboard.
Kayla: I’ll answer that question, yes it was all true and I regret every minute of it.
Brandon: How can you say that, things were different, it was the only way you knew how to survive.
Justin: And who’s this, he’s quite a talker.
Brittany: His names Brandon and he’s going with me.
Justin: Nice to meet you.
Brandon: You too.
Brittany: Don’t you think I picked the right boy?, he did recently make the Soccer team.
Justin: Then I believe he’s perfect.
Kayla: I wouldn’t go for a better best friend.
Brandon: Are we all ready?
Brittany: As long as the Limousine has arrived.
Justin: I didn’t see it when I arrived.
Brandon: It’ll be here.
Brittany: or I’ll have some complains to be made.
Kayla: I hear an engine coming.
Brittany: That better be them.
Justin: Shall I go and see?
Brittany: Yes.

Justin went outside and found the Limousine parked neatly on the drive, he went back inside.

Justin: It has arrived so shall we all single file walk to it?
Brittany: Yes, right away.

As they walked outside Brittany’s pink dress shone in the sunset, Brandon looked very handsome, Kayla was adorable and Justin, he just overloaded on perfection.
The journey took an average amount of time and they went in a t 19:20PM and were met by Brittany’s parents who had been there hours organising the event, Victoria and Joshua followed 10 minutes later.

Brittany: It’s nice to see us all make it, the dance floor  is just across from us, the buffet opens at 20:00PM and the bar is serving drink so let’s get 1.
Kayla: Are you sure everyone minds some kids being here?
Brittany: It was my parents idea so they're cool with it.

Kayla and Brandon went to the bar for diet Coca-Colas and to have a moments contemplation.

Brandon: Haven’t we both come far?
Kayla: Yes, I never fought I’d be invited here.
Brandon: I didn't think either of us would.
Kayla: Shall we get stuck in.
Brandon: Let’s take our drinks back and really enjoy ourselves.

Kayla and Brandon head back to Brittany.
Justin leads Kayla off leaving Brandon worried.

Justin: So good to get you alone at last.
Kayla: I’d be worried.
Justin: Don’t be, I may look precocious but I’m really not, I’m 16 and captain of our school Basketball team over at Canberra High School.
Kayla: That’s cool, you know I attend Waterfall Academy, we must be the only non uniform school in the area.
Justin: actually I think you are, you’re beautiful and I’m glad Brittany helped you because she always used to say that Sparrowhawk’s going nowhere.
Kayla: Things are different now, she doesn’t gossip about me behind my back.
Justin: What sports do you do?
Kayla: Gymnastics, Netball, Show jumping and I have no time for mush else.
Justin: I love the outfit, I always said my cousin’s got taste.
Kayla: She really can be nice when she tries.
Justin: Even if she’s flirting with Brandon, she means no harm.
Kayla: She’s doing what, without me being there, with my best friend.
Justin: Calm yourself, it won’t result to anything.
Kayla: And after she said she wasn't ready to date him.
Justin: We could kiss and prove to them they’re a bunch of amateurs in the matter of love and romance.
Kayla; I am so unsure, what make you so different from all the other boys in town.
Justin: I’m a great singer, I’m going to cut a demo CD some time soon.
Kayla: I don’t know, you're the best 1st boy I ever dated and this seems too much like a set up to be true.
Justin: I’m no farce, we are a seriously good looking and talented family, Brittany was always born to lead others, it’s in her blood.
Kayla's Why is she so concerned with knowing the ins and outs of everyone?
Justin: She just doesn’t believe in keeping secrets, that’s all.
Kayla: What if it’s life threatening.
Justin: I don’t know, she likes to think of the school as her own and if newcomers join, she’ll do anything in her power to befriend them  and avoid them hiding things from her.
Kayla: I fell her being overprotective and yet she trusts you with her latest creation.
Justin: How did it happen, I saw a picture of your old image and the transformation must have taken some doing.
Kayla: As you can tell my hair is fake as a mere 5 days ago it was short and I couldn’t get it to grow quick enough so Brittany loaded it with extensions and I’m still scared of showing skin in public but my doubt will ware off.
Justin: I though it was real, the used real hair I can tell, she doesn’t believe in the artificial stuff, it looks cheap and tacky and it’s the same colour so it just moulds together.

Kayla and Justin headed back to Brittany and Brandon.

Kayla: You’re doing quite well for yourself.
Brandon: Brittany's just flirting, it’s harmless.
Brittany: You know each other quite well.
Justin: I didn’t know the things you had to go through Brittany, I heard that Kayla was a real challenge.
Brittany: If I didn't take challenges, life wouldn’t be worth living.
Kayla: I like him, he’s every bit the boy for me.
Brittany: Christopher won’t be happy.
Kayla: Then let him be jealous, he said he didn’t want me until junior prom anyway.
Justin: His lose is my gain.
Brittany: How long are you visiting for?
Justin: I’ll go home when we’re done.
Kayla: Too bad, I’ll never see you again.
Justin: We can go out again.
Kayla: I’d like that.
Brandon: Isn’t that Victoria and Joshua on the dance floor.
Brittany: Yes I think it is but this dance is too slow for me.
Justin: Me too.
Brandon: What do you like?
Brittany: If they put on Enrique’s new song, then will you escort me to the dance floor.
Brandon: Of course I do like Mr Iglesias’s new song, it’s catchy and up tempo.
Brittany: Then we're sorted.

The buffet was well liked as there was mini sausage rolls, pork pies, 1000’s of sandwiches, many cakes and sweet food and Victoria and Joshua had just left the dance floor.

Brittany: How was that?
Victoria: Pretty good but I know you’re no fan of the waltz.
Brittany: How so?
Victoria: You didn’t get up and dance.
Brittany: That’s because it’s dated and un-romantic.
Brandon: I agree, we’re waiting for Latino god Enrique Iglesias to come on.
Joshua: Hero is a nice song.
Brandon: Too slow, we’re waiting for a real anthem such as “I like it” or “Do you know (The ping pong song)”.
Kayla: I like those songs although I’m too busy to be a laidback individual.
Justin: And still you remain charming.
Brittany: Justin, I think you might have pulled.
Kayla: You’ll never be further from the truth, I just have a crush on him that’s all.

Victoria and Joshua returned to the dance floor.
Brittany pulls back her hair and wait for the right moment to drag Brandon on.

Brittany: When are they going to play that song, I told my parents I wanted to charm you Brandon, I fought off a king and tenuous plan in which to do it.
Brandon: Have patience, the night is still young and so are you, you always have to rush things.
Justin: I don’t want to rush things either, us boys should stick together, these girls are so demanding.
Kayla: I’m not but Brittany is a force to be reckoned with.
Brittany: I like your style Kayla but I’ve been dating since I was 13, you have a lot of catching up to do but you’re pretty so they’ll be forming a queue at school before long.
Kayla: Then I know what needs to be done.
Justin: Kayla before you say it, I’ll beat you to do it and say can I have this dance, cute date of mine.
Kayla: Why yes, I was to ask the very  same thing but you beat me to it.

Kayla and Justin went to the dance floor just as ”I like it” was playing on the DJ’s beat box.
Justin put his arms round Kayla and they swayed from side to side to the music.
Brittany and Brandon watched them thinking they were some competition.

Kayla: This is so magical, us all being together and you asking me to dance.
Justin: I can only ask for so much.
Kayla: This song may be super fast but I consider it romantic.
Justin: Kayla, you’ve made the night so wonderful, now do you trust me enough to kiss me?
Kayla: I won’t respond, I’ll let our lips do the talking.

Kayla and Justin’s heads get slowly closer together, they opened their mouths, their lips touched and they kissed, how great a way to end the night.
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