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Nigeria's election
We started as a Slave

Young but brimming with ideas

Our youths seeked for education

And went as far to get it

They were our compatriots

Nigeria's call,they obeyed

Against the turbulence of the sea

They prevailed

For love of their Father land

1960,we got it

We all took to the streets to celebrate

Free at last

From the wicked hold of colonialism

Yes,we owe some things to you

Teaching us about governance and equalism

Our lives were bound to change for the better

We grew younger

Our children grew older

Retiring us early,they took over

We taught them the ways as we learnt from you

They took it up so much that they splitted us apart

Biafra wanted the east,Nigeria had to stay together

So we fought

Children of the same father but different mothers

Fighting for the Father's property because he left without a will

The grand children were left to suffer

They know nothing

It was resolved

The older one won

But the family was torn apart although they remained together

The remains of the war remain even to date

The scars that remain burn the eyes so much when stared at

The skin remains broken and charred

Refusing to be mended

Finally the time came

The time to chose a new world

The time to chose a new Nigeria

Where the scars of the war shall be gone

Where the broken skin becomes beautiful

Where the strenght of the aged is vigorous

We have chosen our treasure

We are together

We are one Nigeria

Good luck,Nigeria
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