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by e_bgem
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The joys of sleeping and dreaming
I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling,my fingers touch my phone and I decide to write up something,I think of what to write and finally it makes sense,sleep.....

I am drowsy yet I remain on the brink of consciousness refusing to allow myself drift to sleep,my fingers tremble at the cool of the night,my legs seems too woobly for my body to raise,my head turn into jelly as evry thought dissapears from my mind seconds after they come in,still awake,I begin to day dream,sleeping while awake,I did not want to be fully awake neither do I want to be asleep.....

It is 1;01 am,far past my bedtime and I have to be in school by 9am,I remain awakr enjoying my semi consciousness,betraying myself,I did not know when I closed my eyes and snored loudly..

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