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short story for Flash fiction about a Dog and his good looks.
Old Stormy was an amazing dog.  A mutt we got from the pound.  He took on any challenge and was loyal beyond compare.  He had a funny side to him.  Stormy took pride in how he looked.  He would show us when he wanted to be groomed by jumping in a bath tub and grabbing the soap bottles.  He loved to be shampooed, his hair blown dry, his toes manicured and most importantly his teeth brushed.  We could actually brush his teeth with a tooth brush and he would smile through the whole process. 

Our town decided to have a Mutt Dog show.  We thought this would be prefect for stormy.  We worked with him on a lead rope and during the lead walk; he would add a double step.  He put one foot forward, then step back and put that foot forward again and then continue with the other foot.  He would do this double step for four steps then walk normally.  Show day came and Stormy was ready.  He walked with such pride and confidence and he did his little double step trick and made the audience pause and awe. Some people say we’re crazy, but Stormy knew he won that show.

I moved away from home and left Stormy in the care of my parents. I did not see him again until years later.  He got around on one foot and a cart my father had built for him.  When stormy saw me, he did that double step trick of his, in a cart using one foot.  He remembered me and that show.  As a treat I gave him a bath and brushed the one tooth he had left.  I swear he was smiling.  Stormy died soon after that day.  I will always remember him.

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