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by Jeff
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Overview of SoCalScribe's rewriting workshop, brought to you by The Talent Pond.

This is an overview of the Rewriting Workshop offered by Jeff through "The Talent Pond. For more information on our workshop program, including a list of other workshops offered and a place for students to congregate and converse, please take a moment to check out:

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by A Guest Visitor

         Workshop Description. This workshop will give an overview of the rewriting by using the participants' own work as the basis for discussions. Topics to be discussed include rewriting versus editing, how to start rewriting, how to incorporate feedback into a rewrite, and the overall process of taking a first draft and making it a polished final draft. The workshop instruction will take specific examples from participants' submitted items and discuss them in the class, giving participants both the chance to learn about the rewriting process, as well as take away suggestions and critiques specifically for their story.

         Type of Writing. While focusing on the medium of flash fiction (narrative stories under 2,000 words), the techniques can be applied to longer works of narrative fiction as well.

         Number of Students. Six participants may join the class and have their work discussed. An additional six may "audit" the workshop (i.e. are welcome to take part in the discussion, but will not have their work analyzed).

         Date and Time. Discussion forum will be Saturday, June 25th, 2011 @ noon (12pm) WdC time.

         Participant Requirements. Workshop participants must submit a link to their item no later than Friday, June 10th, 2011 @ 11:59pm WdC time. Please submit the item through the "Waterway Workshop - Rewriting - Sign-Up survey. Item must be a single, contained (no chapters) flash fiction short story of no more than 2,000 words. Please only submit items which are relatively close to a first draft (sending in polished, refined stories kind of defeats the purpose of the workshop *Wink*). Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis (provided their items match the needs of the workshop).

         Class Format. Participants will submit items for instructor review with their request to join the workshop. The instructor will then evaluate the items and post a class roster of the participants lists and featured items. The instructor will then thoroughly read through all items and email "lecture notes" that highlight the general process of rewriting and specific tips and issues related to the items that were submitted. Participants are encouraged to also read the other featured items when reviewing the lecture notes. Participants will have a week until the discussion forum, during which they can review the lecture notes, re-read their item and the items of the other participants, etc. The discussion forum will be used to answer specific questions that participants have, either about the lecture notes or the items themselves. By getting the lecture notes/lesson ahead of time, it will allow the discussion forum to be used for a dynamic conversation, rather than the instructor copying and pasting the lecture itself. Hopefully, we'll be able to use the discussion forum time to really hone in on the rewriting issues that matter to the participants. *Smile*

         Class Schedules/Deadlines.
                   Sun 6/10 - Deadline to submit items for consideration.
                   Mon 6/20 - Participants receive "lecture notes."
                   Fri 6/25 - Discussion forum.

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