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Editorial regarding the second biggest hoax of this century and more, thus The Big Picture


I was going to write about local government and corruption. Instead my attention has been diverted to a new development on the national / international level. As we all know now , Osama Bin Laden has been killed, or so we are told. It is amazing the timing of this breaking  news. President Barack Obama makes sure to emphasize the fact that he authorized the attack. Now notice the timing, we were told Sunday night, May 1st., heaven forbid, this should divert attention away from the Royal wedding. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but again notice the timing. Imagine that Osama Bin Laden could be killed at any time. But wait a second, what if he is killed when the president’s approval rating is at an all time low,  when the public is livid about gas prices, when politicians are squirming over the issues of the economy, raising of the debt ceiling and the fact we are over 14 trillion in debt. Not to mention, the economy is not bouncing back as promised.

What do you want to bet the Presidents approval rating goes up, and we see a revived sense of patriotism. This will be combined with a heightened alert of possible terrorist attacks, thus, the need to give up more freedom in order to be safe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those that believes there is no terrorist threat. I just think the timing was perfect, too perfect. Candidates announcing their intentions to run for the Oval Office, or hinting of a possible announcement. What a perfect time to divert the American people’s attention away from the serious mess this country is in right now.

I know a lot of people just don’t give a damn about politics and “the big picture”. Government counts on this attitude, not believing or not caring. This is how we got where we are today. Really look at the big picture and I think you will see. This shit is scripted, planned and fed to the media. Then it is fed to us, and presented as fact, as news, as breaking news. Breaking when they want it to break. Who are THEY you ask? Do you think our leaders are our leaders? You could say so, but who leads them? Both parties are basically the same, the powers that be make sure both sides win (at times), to make it look like we have real leaders. Read between the lines folks, it’s all right under our noses.Who are THEY ?? Is it the COMMITTEE OF 300, is it THE BILDERBURG GROUP or THE ILLUMINATI? Who knows?? The Fact is THEY rule us and the world. Money talks and the rest of us are their slaves.

It would seem we are on a collision course to disaster, yet no one is doing a damn thing stop this train, The little man on the street can see it. We are headed for a financial collapse. Federal government refuses to stop growing at the expense of this collapse. Perhaps they are doing this on purpose, ya think? The script has been written. The big picture is control and it is bigger than just the federal government. It would seem they are getting us used to the fact that we are not all that sovereign. Let’s go to war because Nato says so, or the United Nations says so. The UN doesn’t give two shits about our Constitution, yet recognizes dictators as legitimate leaders.

Taking a step back to the federal government, I would like to talk about this mess we are in, and how we got there. There was a time when this was really the “United States Of America”. The key word here is STATES. Our forefathers set up  a system with checks and balances, and most importantly, The Constitution. States were to be run like small countries. The federal government was to do only what The Constitution allowed. Goods coming into America were taxed and that money was used to run the federal government. There was no income tax and federal government was small.  When the fed’s wanted to build a national interstate freeway systems they sold it as a necessity for national defense. Everything  had to be done constitutionally. But that slowly changed to the point that they are not even challenged any more.

Constitutionally, it is not the federal governments job to control or provide education, heath care, and welfare. The States were to govern and take care of themselves. Why do we hand out money to over 150 countries, fight wars not involving  the USA, not to mention our involvement in trade agreements, the UN, and NATO? The Constitution does not allow for any of this. The Constitution is clear on what the feds can and can not do. Just remember if they are allowed to disregard any part of  The Constitution, then nothing is sacred. And that is exactly where we are at right now. It is not fashionable to stick up for the Constitution. I don’t hear the President talking very much about it. Why do you think Constitutionalists are demonized?

Think I’m exaggerating? The States can’t even govern marijuana without the feds saying that they are in control. Again I will use the “C” word. This needs to be challenged CONSTITUTIONALLY. In fact, almost everything these bastards (the feds) do needs to be challenged. The Courts and The Constitution is the only non violent way we can fix this mess. However that will never be allowed to be written into “the script”.

When talking with some people, this seems to be a lot to wrap their heads around. It is complicated and so is the world. Maybe this is why the educational system in this country is so messed up. Again, it is scripted to be that way. Controlling forces don’t want us to be too smart, thus the dumbing down theory. After all we need to vote there puppets into office.Colleges have made it trendy or acceptable to think a certain way. But being a progressive liberal is not going to save you, and neither is being a right wing conservative. THEY want you to choose sides.Then you believe you matter, you make a difference, you play the game , you vote and you follow the script. It is all nonsense. Our forefathers were free thinkers,  I’m not saying they were perfect, but they fought a good fight. This mess we are in now, is not what they fought and died for. The foundation this country is built on must be chipped away. It must happen for ” the powers that be ” (whoever they are) to fulfill their plan for GLOBAL DOMINATION !

By Joe Motor & also published in the Seattle Sinner
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