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More of Megan and Jennifer's adventures in the past.
Bradley ran outside to help his men put out the fire on his tobacco plants. It was raining and the rain was helping with the fire. Jennifer looked out the window and thought any woman would be lucky to have a man like Bradley. He was a gentleman and let her smoke and drink. He bought her everything. If she stayed with him, she would never want for anything. With Calin, she would have adventures. He had been a knight and he was noble but she couldn't handle a thieving gypsy. She loved Bradley but he had always gave in to her demands. She needed a man that would fight back. Calin would fight back with her. Lightning shook the house and Jennifer almost dropped her cigarette. GREAT! JUST WHAT BRADLEY NEEDED! A HOUSE FIRE! She laughed and looked outside again. It was hammering rain now. The fire looked liked it was out. Jennifer was glad.

Miles and Megan sat on the love seat of the Dawson's house. Megan loved Miles parents. They were so nice. It was still raining. Megan had been through a lot of storms in her life. She wasn't nervous. Megan looked at the fireplace and saw a beautiful painted portrait of Miles' mother. Miles looked liked her. Megan smiled.

"What are you smiling about? whispered Miles.

"You look like your mother." Megan grinned.

Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"Would you like some more tea?" Mrs. Dawson asked Megan.

"Thanks." Megan took the cup of tea that had a lemon in it. She would never stop missing Diet Pepsi and she knew Jennifer would never stop missing Dr. Pepper.

Back at Bradley's plantation, the storm had calmed down and the tobacco plants were out of danger. The workers said they would keep an eye on things. Bradley thanked them and went back inside to be with Jennifer.

Bradley walked through the door of the kitchen. He smiled at Jennifer. "Things are calm. The tobacco plants are safe."

Jennifer had just got done doing dishes. Bradley went up to Jennifer and kissed her cheek and neck. "So beautiful lady, would you like to make love? I have missed you, you know."

"I missed you, too." Jennifer kissed Bradley. They went upstairs to his room and made love. Jennifer kept thinking of Calin. This was so wrong but Jennifer was torn between two men. Not knowing and remembering if she had made love to Calin was really bothering her.

Mr. Dawson was having leg pain and Mrs. Dawson gave him some snake oil and whiskey. Megan frowned. How awful. Too bad they didn't know about Tylenol and Advil. Mr. Dawson went to bed and Mrs. Dawson looked tired so Miles and Megan told Mrs. Dawson good night. Miles hugged and kissed his mother and Megan did the same. Miles and Megan went to his house and went to his room.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Miles asked Megan.

Megan whispered:" Yes."

Miles and Megan undressed and went to bed. "I love you, Megan so very much."

"I love you, too." Miles made love to Megan and Megan thought she was in Heaven. She could stay with him forever but Manolito entered her thoughts. She loved them both.

No more storms that night. Megan slept good that night but she kept dreaming of Miles and Manolito. Miles woke up first and made bacon and eggs. Megan woke up and went downstairs. She loved the smell of bacon and eggs.

"Good morning, my love. My lover." Miles looked so happy.

"Good morning. How did you know I love bacon and eggs?" Megan looked refreshed.

"I was hoping you did,"

The bacon and eggs were delicious.

"How would you like to go ride horses?" Miles asled.

"I would love to." Megan loved horses and she had gotten used to horse back riding.

Jennifer was up before Bradley. She was up once last night and thought she saw the wolf and those vampires again by the woods. Was Calin around? WISHFUL THINKING SHE THOUGHT.

"A dollar and three cigarettes for your thoughts." Bradley looked sexy. For being a gentleman in Regency times, he did look sexy Jennifer had to admit.

Jennifer blushed. "I was thinking about the Finleys Ball and what wear."

"We can go shop in Bath today if you like. I hear some new dresses came in from France." Bradley had a gleam in his eye.

"I would like that." Jennifer was getting used to dresses and barely living without wearing jeans.

"I will take my Princess shopping."

Jennifer made some oatmeal and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Miles went to his parents house and bought some chicken, plum pudding ,potao casserole, fresh baked wheat bread and a bottle of red wine. Miles and Megan were going on a picnic.

The horses were saddled and ready. Megan was riding a big brown horse and Miles was riding a big black horse that looked majestic. Megan got on her horse and Miles got on his with the picnic basket. Megan hoped that Manolito wasn't around to shoot off his gun. Miles would probably shoot him this time.

It was a nice sunny day and Megan and Miles had a nice ride in the woods. They saw a brown mother fox and her babies. Megan smiled. They were so cute.

Miles and Megan found a nice spot by the pond. They got off the horsesc and set up their picnic lunch.

"Did you see the mother fox and her babies? Megan asked Miles.

"Yes, I did. They were so cute." Miles couldn't keep his eyes off Megan. He wanted to put his hands all over her again. He would ravish her again tonight.

Jennifer and Bradley had a quiet ride into Bath. Jennifer snuggled close to Bradley and she wished there was some way to keep Bradley and Calin both. They didn't talk much. Jennifer watched some blue birds that flew over and there wasn't a cloud in sight.

They got to Bath and Jennifer ran to the dress shop. Bradley laughed as Jennifer tried on several dresses.Jennifer bought a powder blue and a royal blue dress. No sashes or bows. There were lace and pearls on them. Jennifer loved the powder blue dress. Bradley bought the dresses for her. He did whisper to her that he liked her best with nothing on. Jennifer laughed. Her heart fell to her stomach when she saw four gypsy caravan wagons. Bradley saw them them and put his hand on his gun. CRAP! JENNIFER THOUGHT. Bradley had bought his gun along. Surely, Calin and those gypsies were in Ireland. She hoped they were.

It started to look cloudy. Miles and Megan had a delicious picnic and decided to go back his home. They got back on the horses and rode to Miles house. Megan missed driving her car but she was getting used to riding horses. They had a quiet ride home. Mrs. Dawson told Miles that his father still didn't feel well. Miles and Megan would have dinner at his place.

Jennifer watched the gypsies get out of the wagons. They weren't the ones in Manolito's and Calin's caravan. Jennifer was glad.

Bradley hadn't said anything. "Shall we go eat at the Duck Inn?"

Jennifer smiled. "Of course." Bradley took her arm and pulled her close as two gypsy men looked at Jennifer. Jennifer worried that Bradley and Calin would have a duel over her, yet.

Megan went to the barn to see the colt. She just loved him. Miles kissed her and wanted to take her right there but he refrained from doing so.

"Megan, why don't you just live with me?"

"Miles, people would frown and we would get a bad reputation. We couldn't hurt your parents and our friends. Jane's father would throw a hissy fit."

"A hissy who what?" Miles asked.

"Fit." Megan laughed.

"I don't care about Jane's father. I like Jane, Cassandra and Mrs. Austen but it would take something bigger and uglier then Mr. Austen to scare me. He is a pompous ass!"

Megan laughed. "Shame on you. "I love how you English say Pompous Ass!"

"You are English, too, aren't you?".

Megan blushed. "Yes, of course." She was English, German and Cherokee but she could neverv tell Miles that. He wouldn't understand.

Megan petted and loved the colt until he fell asleep. They put him back with his mother.

Bradley and Jennifer ate a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. They headed home and it was getting dark. Jennifer was tired and seeing those gypsies in town made her think of Calin. She layed her head on Bradley's arm and fell asleep. She dreamed of Calin and woke up sayiong: "I love you."

Bradley smiled. "I love you, too my Dear." Jennifer's heart sink. Someday she would break Bradley's heart. This would be so sad and traumatic for him and her, too. What was wrong with her? Bradley was a great, handsome man and yet she couldn't get that gypsy renegade out of her mind. Lord, help her.

Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
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