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The misery of being a garbage bin.
Dear Journal,

Today was really an awful day for me. It started when a group of teenagers spat on me. I swear, I did nothing to them ! As if it wasn't enough, they kicked me in the back. When finally they decided to have fun with an old lady, I felt so happy.

But then, after a couple of minutes that seems like hours to me, came this smelly guy. His clothes were all dirty and he smelled really bad. For once, someone was worse than me in that department. He yawned at my face and put his stinky fingers in me, looking as if he was hunting for something. He let out a cry when he touched my guts, which were actually old half-digested food, and looked at me as if I was the Devil ! He went away, cursing me all the way to his cartonic house.

After a while, I was able to calm down. Some nice people were feeding me, so i finally thought that my day wouldn't be as bad as I first imagined. But then came a big truck and there was this guy running behind it. The guy was really in shape though, to run like this on a hot summer day. And then, he kinda grabbed me and emptied me ! Why did he do that for ? He threw me away, not even apologizing or making sure that I would be standing still !

I started rolling on the road, until a real gentleman stopped me. Of course, it was a very painful stop, since he hit me with his truck. He looked at me, wondering what to do with such a nice garbage bin. You know what he did, Journal ? He brought me to his home and called me his !

I was so happy, until I realized that I wouldn't be used for garbage. Oh no, I was transformed in some kind of house for that stupid dog ! That dog, he keeps on biting me !

Nothing can stop my suffering. I have no shelter to run to, no civil rights to protect me. Please, if someone can read my journal, could you please, for all garbage bin, treat us with respect ?
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