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by JC
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Why cant i finish it? What is stopping me?
The Test of My Life.
I fall to my knees
Tears rolling down my cheeks
I cover my face with my hands
And start to critisize myself
Why couldnt i do this
What is wrong with me?

A voice rings out through the room
I hear my name
They are all watching me
This is exactly what they were expecting to happen
Why cant i prove them wrong?
Why do i keep doing this?

Slowly i raise up to my feet
Wipe the tears from my eyes
And turn to face them
They are all my friends, my family
Why cant i just do what i need too?
Why cant i talk to them?

They are trying to talk to me
To make me talk back
I open my mouth but nothing comes out
I feel like i have no voice
Why is this happening?
Why do i feel so helpless?

I need to hold my head high
To face them and stay confident
I need to show them who i really am
Not this girl thats in my past
Why cant i do this?
What is stopping me?

I figure it out
I know why i cant do this
Its because im afraid
This is one of my biggest fears
Why cant i face it?
Why cant i put it behind me?

I will do it next time
I will face my fears
Along with my past
I will face my friends, my family
And i will finish that test
I will become a blackbelt!

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