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a conversation between the moon and a secret admirere...
I saw the blood moon,perfectly circumferenced
distinctly noticeable in the smoky-dull blue sky
still like the polar star, an impenetrable porthole to another world
I reverently asked her-"Where has your unearthly glow disappeared ?"Too preoccupied in her train of thoughts, she answered -
"I guess I'm too motivated by a being
with that spark and light within it,
so powerful, a glory that changes one's perception about himself.
An existence which can even patronise the moon's beauty
but bound by its humble character, can only serve to inspire..."
Due to my lack of wisdom and growing curosity I asked -
"Who is this divine being, so godlike and influencial ?"
She smiled omnisciently and said -
"The Sun" - Aakanksha
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