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A conversation between the the night sky and the secret admirer...
My eyes yearned for a glimpse of her,
they fondly searched the dark, pensive night sky.

He stood there,still ;
in the company of a few flickering stars and the charming Venus,
secluded and lonely.
He told me how he missed his beloved.

I stood in silence listening to his heart,
then with a childlike playfulness I asked -
"What makes you look so dark and endless?"
He smiled eloquently and said -

" It is I who drinks every tear you cry,
while you embrace my love.
She comforts you with words, most caressing
and I take away all the pain of the world.
I depend on the secrets ,failure, wounds and untold guilt
of my meditator for my actuality.
The dreams of one, like you, make me.
I depend on the beauty of my lover to outshadow
my sorrows and scars
And now when I stand here, all alone , without her;
Every creature recalls his fears and tribulations,
ponders over the past ,present and future
thus, joins me in my emptiness"
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