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Jennifer and Megan look forward to another ball.
Vicki got Jennifer and Megan some tea. Megan wasn't sure what to do for Jennifer. Maybe she should get the moon stone and bring the gypsies here. Just then there was a knock on the door. Vicki went to answer the door. It was Jane.

"Hello Jane. You are just in time for tea. Please come in." Vicki always had a smile for everyone.

"Thank you." Jane took off her cloak and Megan gave Jane a hug and Jennifer did as well.

Jane sat on the rose pattern love seat. "Are you ladies anxious to go to the ball?"

"Yes. We just hope that this ball is just dancing and not like the last one." Megan smiled.

"Oh. You mean when the goat knocked father down and he fell into the cake? I love father but sometimes he is way too serious. You ladies know how to have fun."

Just then Vicki gave Jane a cup of tea.

"Oh. I hear there will be military soldiers at the ball." Jane drank some of her tea.


Jane had a mischievous look on her face. "I like military men. The other men are ignored when military men are around."

"I love men in uniform." Jennifer seemed to be smiling again.

"You two ladies already have escorts for the ball but I am sure Miles and Bradley won't care if you dance with military men." Jane wished she had a man in her life.

"I am sure there will be plenty of ladies for the military men to dance with." Megan picked up a fan and started to fan herself.

"Have you ladies seem Bradley and Miles?" Jane asked.

"Bradley is taking me to the ball." Jennifer answered.

Jane looked at Jennifer. "Are you alright? Looks like you have been crying." Jane was concerned.

"No. I have allergies." Jennifer said.

"Allergies?" asked Jane.

"Like hay and mold. The wind blows and it irritates my eyes and sinuses." Jennifer couldn't tell Jane that she was torn between Bradley and a gypsy man.

"Oh. Will you be alright for the ball?

"Sure. I wouldn't miss out on a ball." Jennifer loved going to the balls.

"Me, either. I wish my parens would give me a season so I could find a husband. There are still unattached men out there. I am holding out for Mr. Darcy. Not the one in my story since he isn't real but one who is like him.You ladies have already found your Mr. Darcys." Jane tried not to look sad.

Jennifer thought she should give Bradley to Jane and go after her gypsy man but she loved Bradley. She wouldn't just hand him over.

"You will find your Mr. Darcy someday." POOR JANE. Megan couldn't tell Jane that she never got married. She couldn't tell Jane how she knew.

"So how is the little goat that knocked father into the cake?" Jane laughed.

" Jasper. He is fine. He is growing like a weed. He is so cute." Megan loved her goat.

The clock chimed eleven times.

"Oh my! I had better get home for lunch. I will see you ladies at the ball." Jane rose and hugged her friends good bye. She put on her cloak and left.

Vicki had been in the kitchen and came out. She had fixed noodles and potatoes and Megan and Jennifer went into the kitchen to eat. Bill came in. He had been outside.

The dinner was good and Vicki had made some rolls.

"Megan, are you going to dance with any military men?" Jennifer asked.

"If they ask me but I plan on being with Miles."

"I will be dancing with Bradley but we do have dance cards and maybe the military men will sign mine."

"Alright Scarlet O'Hara. She flirted with alll the men and her true love left her in the end. Is that what you want?" Megan asked.

"Of course not. We aren't married to our boyfriends but Megan, you have a husband."

"As you remind me, he hasn't been born, yet. If we go back to our time, life probably wouldn't be the same."

"I know. I like being here. I do miss my cell phone, computer and Dr. Pepper. I also miss my jeans."

"Jennifer, I miss those things, too except I don't like Dr. Pepper. I miss Diet Pepsi."

The women got done with lunch amd Megan went out to see her goat Jasper. He was so happy to see Megan. Megan petted him and loved on him. Jasper chewed on her hair. Jennifer came outside to see Jasper.

"Do you want me to get out the moon stone and bring the gypsies here? Megan asked.

"Not until after the ball. Maybe at the ball, I will decide I want to be with Bradley forever."

"Yea, right. With those military men, you may want your own fleet or troop of men."

"That isn't very nice. You love three men."

"I love one right now. What kind of lives would we have with gypsies?" Megan asked.

"An adventure. We would go where ever the wind takes us."

"We could get blowed away. You have to decide who you want. Right now, life with Miles is good."

Is that because he is a good lover?"

Megan threw straw at Jennifer. "Shut up. A lady never tells!"

"A lady never tells what?" Just them Miles came into the barn. GREAT! How much had he heard?"

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