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by FrisoD
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A man finds a box of kittens on a cold winter day.
Damn. I can see my breath, it's my own fault for wanting to walk.
This damn cold is chilling me to the bone.
Wait! What's that I hear? It sounds... it sounds like meowing.
Aw, what kind of person leaves kittens on the street in this kind of weather?!
"Come here little ones, I'll keep you warm."
Heh, they feel nice and soft under my coat. At least something good came out of this walk.
"There, there. Calm yourselves, we're almost home. Just let me get my key and we're in."
Okay, let's see. What is a good place for them.
"I'm gonna put you guys by the heater, so you'll stay warm. I'm going to the kitchen, but I'll be right back."
Now, where did I put it? It should be around here somewhere.
Ah, there it is. Just needs to be sharpened a bit and it's ready.
With such a soft fur coat I'll get through the winter without any problems.

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