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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #1779593
a movie i am going to make based on an alien planet
Part I

On the planet Ty-1739, the year 4067, a small human base camp has been posted on the edge of
brood territory. There mission was to gather as much information on the brood and send it to HQ. The third week there they found possible information leading to the “Mother Hive” the brood home city. They soon sent out a small band of men to investigate. Its been two days now since then...

Soldier 1: (walks to the edge of wall) Hmm, its been two days now, they should be getting
back soon.
Soldier 2: don't worry they'll be back soon.

(they hear a painful scream)

Soldier 1: (grabs for his gun) What was that!? (points gun in the direction of the scream, alerted.)

(soldier 2 drops his cigarette, shock across his face)

(Across the snow covered sand they see a man run down a large dune frightened, and yelling RUN!)

(soldiers run out to the wall from inside the main building, all carrying guns)

(Soon after the man now identified as a human soldier, is a brood guard chasing him. The soldier makes it halfway down the dune before the brood jumps on him and drives its claws into the man.)

Captain : Fire at will! (waving his right arm in a forward “come on” motion.)

(the soldiers fire and the feasting brood is shot over and over again but it manages to let out screeching cry. Seconds later other screeches are heard over the dune, and then broods start charging down the dunes all around the human post.)

(the human soldiers run around and positioning themselves to fire at all the broods. The broods fall dead but they slowly get closer and closer.)

Soldier 3: Their almost upon us! We got to get out of here! (starts to panic)

Soldier 4: We can't (grabs soldier 3's gun and shoves it in his arms) if you want to live, keep firing!

(a brood jumps over the wall and onto a soldier biting into his face, all the soldiers around him
shoot at the brood and kill it, the broods are about 10 yards away.)

Soldier 1: (Whispers to soldier 2) come on lets get out of here!

(the broods are jumping the wall. Now close combat is commencing)

(soldier 1 and fallowing him, soldier 2 run for it. Behind them another soldier shooting as he runs backwards shoots the gut out of a brood trying to jump him from behind. But is killed when another one jumps on him from the side and they roll of the screen.)

(the captain runs into the building and locks the door. But a brood breaks through and u can see flashes from a gun, and screeching and gunshots before you hear a scream and a crunch.)


Soldier 2: Run! Run! Run!

(Soldier 1 jumps down a steep dune and falls over)

(A brood runs at soldier 2 but is killed by him before it can kill him and continues running)

(soldier 2 slips before he can jump, and a brood pops up behind him.)

Soldier 1: (turns around) Look out! (pulls out gun and pulls the trigger, the brood dies and soldier 2 runs past soldier 1 leaving his gun behind.)

(soldier 1 jumps behind a small dune and shoots at three broods fallowing them., covering soldier 2. As soldier 1 runs away a brood jumps from the side dune and kills him. Soldier 1 lets out a scream of pain.)

(soldier 2 pulls out a pistol and shoots at the brood feeding on soldier 1, and the broods head explodes, then he runs forward to see if soldier 1 is alive)

soldier 1: (spitting up blood) my friend...save...yourself...for me... (his head drops and he gives out his last breath.)

(soldier 2 gets up and grabs soldier 1's gun. Then broods start swarming him and he holds his ground, shooting them with the pistol, then with the semi-auto matic.)

(a brood jumps from a ledge and almost lands on soldier 2, but he manages to kill it directly before it hits him, now he has a small cut on his arm and the black guts of the brood he just killed covering him.)

(as soon as he turns around from the attack another brood jumps on him and bites into his face, more broods fallow in the feasting.)

-camera zooms out and shows the entire outpost-

broods are everywhere and the soldiers are all dead. Their blood covers the ground. Some broods lay dead on the field too.
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