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A wedding is planned for two members of opposing,but will it go off without a hitch?
“Well my love who will design your wedding dress or will you be wearing a family heirloom?”Nathan asked looking into her eyes as they walked in the city garden.

Arleigh smiled looking back into his eyes as she answered “You know I can’t tell you.”

They kept walking toward the fountain in the center of the garden; it was the place where he had asked for her hand in marriage eight months ago.As they came to the fountain two people came around from the other side, both of them wore cloaks bearing the insignia of their respective houses; Vonandor and Sturm.

Nathan put up his left hand as he said “Tell me who you are before coming any closer.”

In response one of the cloaked figures raised his hand as it began to glow a red color. Nathan eyes went wide recognizing the spell that was being cast, he then shoved Arleigh as a fireball was sent through the space she had been in. Nathan flung out his right arm sending a dagger towards the one who has thrown the fireball. The other figure pulled the sword out of its scabbard on his back. The dagger landed in the fire thrower’s chest knocking him to the ground.

Arleigh then screamed loudly “HELP! We’re being attacked!”

The one with the sword then decided that it wasn’t going to be for the best if he stuck around as two city guards came running towards the scene. He turned and fled into the trees disappearing out of sight.

Two weeks later

Akran sat at his desk reading the parchment wondering what his next move would be. The inquiry into the two houses had turned up nothing they didn’t already know. A knock came at the door.

“Enter.” He said looking up to see what he would have to deal with now. The open revealing another city guard who walked into Akran’s small office.

“You’ve been ordered to appear at the mayor’s office as soon as possible.” The guard then turned and left his office closing the door behind him.

Akran sighed to himself wondering what to tell the mayor as he stood up and left his office to take the walk across the courtyard to city hall. He entered the lobby area looking around seeing dozens of others who were there for their own business. He then walked past them and the clerks towards the outer office for the mayor glancing around.

The women sitting at the desk looked up when he enter and said, “Go on in officer Tristan.”

Akran nodded as he opened the door to the Mayor’s office and walked in. The mayor waved to the chair across from him without looking up from a paper he was writing on.

The mayor finally looked up and said, “Well, do you have anything new?”

“No sir, we’ve hit a dead end. All we have are their names but nothing more than that.” Akran responded unhappily.
The mayor nodded motioning for him to go on.

“We know for sure that the man that Nathan killed was a member of his own house and from what both he and Arleigh said the other attacker is a member of house Vonandor. Apparently James, the one who Nathan killed, was a member in good standing with the family. We’re still looking into who was the member from house Vonandor, but without a description its hard going. The obvious reason for the attack is the upcoming wedding and we think there could be more attacks and have alerted both Lords Vonandor and Strum.” Akran said as he put away his notes.

“I’ve also spoken to both of them and they have assured me that the attacks weren’t authorized and they are looking into it. I fear that if this marriage doesn’t happen both lords would lose what little power they have left in their houses and any infighting could spill into the streets. But they won’t admit to that since any sign of weakness could be taken as an opening.” The mayor said as he picked up the document he signed and started to hand it over to Akran.

“What’s this?” Akran asked he looked over the document.

He looked up from reading it and said “You’re sure about doing this? That department hasn’t been active in 4 years.”

“I know, but I have to do something and I’m sure that nether house Vonandor or Sturm will object to reactivating the Department of Shadow, since they both want this taken care as quietly and quickly as possible.” The mayor said as he clasped his hands together on the desk.

Akran nodded as he said “And since I’m the only person still alive who was in it, you want me in charge of it?”

The mayor nodded as he said “Sorry to do it to you, but I wanted someone with experience and the ability, like you said you’re the only one still alive. That document gives you permission to take whoever you need from wherever they are currently and reassign them. It also basically gives you an okay to do whatever it takes to solve this and make sure the wedding happens peacefully. And if it so happens that you also solidify the current lords of both houses standings, then they will owe us one instead of us owing them.”

Akran nodded taking that as permission to go then he stood up to leave as he started to think of who he would recruit.

As he walked back into the Ministry of Justice he looked at one of the clerks and said “Get me the file on Amelia Appél.”
The clerk nodded and headed off to the records room as Akran walked into his office. He sat down at his desk wondering if she would say yes or if he would have to make some sort of deal, since she was currently in jail. The door to his office opened and the clerk came and handed over the thick file and walked out. He opened the file and started to read. She had been arrested at age fourteen for simple theft, and had escaped from her cell via unknown means. Then she had attempted to mug a member of house Vonandor at age sixteen. The only reason as to why she had been caught was due to a stun spell. She then escaped once again without leaving a trace of how. She had then broken into a shop, while taking some of the items she twisted her ankle and had been caught by a city guard, and now was recovering in the hospital wing of the jail. After closing the file and slipping it into a bag, he left the office to get a carriage ride to the jail. As the carriage started to move he wonders if she would say yes.

He got out of the carriage as it stopped in front of the jail and told the driver to wait. He walked into the jail up to the desk and asked to be taken to the hospital wing. The jail guard led him to the hospital wing and pointed out Amelia. She was rested on a bed with her black hair tied in a short pony tail, red streaks flaming down the middle and her violet-blue eyes looking around in boredom. One of her legs was shackled to the bed while the other had a bandage wrapped around it. He estimated her height to be five foot and 2 inches tall. He walked over to the foot of her bed.

Her eyes flicked upward to him. “What do you want?” She scoffed

“Amelia, I see you’re still just as snarky as ever." Akran replied looking down at her with a sigh of irritation.

She just glared up at him.

“Well, I have an offer for you.” Akran said as he pulled over a chair and sat down moving his left leg over his right.

“What’s the offer and what do I get out of it?” Amelia answered as she sat up paying more attention.

A small grin appeared on Akran’s face, “I’m looking for some folks to join the department of Shadow to help with an investigation that the mayor wants kept off the record. If you help, I’ll see that you’ll either go free or a reduced sentence. “

Amelia replied with a questioning look in her eyes “So, the mayor reactivated the department?”

“He felt it was the best option to get quick results and he gave me permission to recruit anyone I wanted to.”

“I guess you thought I might want to follow in your footsteps.”

“Well that was the idea, but if you’d rather stay a criminal I can go.”

She blew a strand of hair out of her face and answered in a huff “No, I’ll take the offer, but you’ll have to wait until my ankle is healed.”

He smiled standing up and putting his hand on her ankle. A cool sensation spread from his hand wrapping all around the ankle. She then stood up from the bead relieved that it had been healed.

“I guess you want a thank you for that?”

“It would be nice, but I know better. Now if you’re ready we can go”

She nodded as they started to walk out of the hospital wing a guard came up to Akran and asked him what he was doing with the prisoner. Arkan reached into his bag and pulled out the order that the mayor had given him letting him recruit whoever he chose to. The guard read it over before handing it back. He then placed it back in the bag.

“I assume you’re going to want new clothes?” Akran asked as they got into the carriage looking over the white prisoner jumpsuit she wore.

She sat down across from him before speaking “I have some clothes and other things at a safe location.”

“Where is it? I can tell the driver to take us there.”

“No, I’d rather go get it myself. Just tell me where I should meet you.”

“Once you get your belongings go to 234 Eden drive, its right before you get into the slums.” He said as he stuck his head out of the window in the door to tell the driver to stop.
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